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Professional Tree Surgeons Sydney and Arborists

When it comes to hiring professionals for your tree concerns and problems, you can either choose between professional tree surgeons Sydney and Arborists. However, to verify well what type of help you really need for your trees, you’ll need to know how they differ in terms of education and duties or expertise.

Actually, professional tree surgeons Sydney and arborists have both acquired knowledge and proper training on how to take care of your trees. As a matter of fact, both can do all the job efficiently when it comes to tree services. However, you really need to know which is which and what a tree surgeon or arborist specialise. so it won’t be that complicated realising you haven’t hired the right tree services. Or, you haven’t had any idea that these professional tree surgeons Sydney and arborists differ in their functions when it comes to trees.

Hence, this article will give you a full understanding of the roles of professional tree surgeons Sydney and of the arborist. In this way, you will understand better why, when and what service you need to hire for tree services Sydney.

Professional Tree Surgeons Sydney and Arborists: The Factors that Differ them From Each Other


Professional tree surgeons serve as Arboriculture (or tree surgery) maintenance engineers. They are also known as the man of action. They are trained to use high power tools such as a chainsaw, stump grinding and other safety gears when cutting trees. Tree surgeons are responsible for tree pruning, cutting, felling, tree and stump removal. A fully trained tree surgeon can surely perform difficult and dangerous tasks professionally, with care and safety in mind. Without proper training, there are number of things that could go wrong especially when tree felling, for instance. It needs precision that is impossible for one to assess without the right training from the experts.

Arborists, on the other hand, can do the tree surgeon’s duty as well, but their main focus is keeping and maintaining the good health of trees. They are the one that looks after the well-being of the trees. They study the biology of the tree and with just a few assessments of your tree, they can tell you accurately what’s its current condition. Some arborists may also specialise in other aspects as well, aside from keeping trees healthy, they can also do landscaping and tree planting.

Tasks , Duties and Expertise

When it comes to performing their particular duties and expertise, tree surgeons do the tree cutting, felling and stump removal. As well as, all other tree operational jobs that need all-out force and expertise of using cutting tools and other machinery involved in tree services. Whilst arborists, their duties focus on looking out for trees’ wellness and tree well-being. Just by seeing the symptoms, they can tell if a tree is having serious diseases. As soon as they see the problem and the solution is way beyond their scope, they will then refer tree surgeons Sydney services to get the job done.

In either tree felling, tree cutting, tree trimming and or stump removal services you need, both experts can surely bring goodness to your trees.

Many may think that tree surgeons and arborists are somehow similar. But then with the factors shown above, they indeed, differ from each other. In terms of education, their duties and expertise, these, now can now give you a real idea on whose help you really need. In fact, they are just like medical surgeons and doctors; Though they differ in so many things, yet, they both do the right thing to make the patient well and better. The same goes with professional tree surgeons and arborists, they do play an important role in the field of tree services Sydney.

Finally, as a customer, you should know what type of tree services you really need. You should be wise in your decisions especially in choosing the right tree services Sydney.

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