what does an arborist do

What does an Arborist do?

If you are unfamiliar with tree care, you might ask the question “What does an Arborist do?” Arborists are professional tree doctors. They work in the cultivation and management of trees and woody plants, also called arboriculture.
Their major concern is the well-being of individual trees, rather than the welfare of a large group of plants or forests. They are experts when it comes to the needs of trees, and are highly trained to provide proper care. You will need to hire an arborist if you want to keep your trees attractive and add value to your property. An arborist will help handle pruning or tree removals, which can be a dangerous job. Tree work should be done by professionals who are trained and equipped to safely complete the job.

So, what does an arborist do? Below are the services an arborist can provide to give your trees the best possible care that can ultimately lead to substantial returns.


Before deciding on any work that must be done with your trees, it is important to seek the advice of a professional arborist. During the consultation, ask your arborist about the following:

  • Types of trees you can grow on your property
  • Plant diseases your trees might have and how to cure them
  • Hazards and risks your trees could bring
  • Legal concerns and official reports

Consulting with a professional will give you a clearer picture of what’s going on in your yard and help you manage your expectations.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Tree lopping and pruning is the removal of dead or dying tree branches. It allows room for new growth and protects your property from damage. It may also prevent injury to your family or passersby. Furthermore, it helps avoid pest and animal infestation while promoting the plant’s natural shape and healthy growth. Pruning techniques will depend on the tree or plant you have. If you do not know what you are doing, you risk killing the tree. The more you remove from a tree, the more danger there is of doing it improperly. An arborist will be able to determine the type of pruning your trees require and how to properly do it to maintain or improve its health, safety, and aesthetics.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary for the health, aesthetics, and the safety of its surrounding environment. It is critical to remove a tree if it’s affecting the health of its surrounding plants, threatening buildings and utility wires, and endangering your family and property. You can also give competing species a chance to develop and mature by eliminating dead and dying trees. And, since tree removal is highly technical and requires trained and qualified professionals, homeowners should not attempt to perform it by themselves. Attempting your own tree removal may result in physical injuries caused by misuse of equipment or by the tree itself. Additionally, your arborist can help decide whether a tree should be removed, saving you from unnecessary costs of tree removals when all you actually require is pruning.

Emergency Tree Care

You can never anticipate accidents and natural disasters. They could cause trees to fall on your roof, utility cables, or any other dangerous zones on your property. Arborists offer 24-hour emergency tree services to ensure that your tree-related issues are resolved right away. They can safely remove your problematic tree, thus avoiding any further risk of damage to your property.

Tree Maintenance and Health Care

Trees need regular maintenance to ensure their long-term health and to prevent them from being a liability. If trees are not properly taken good care of, it could suffer poor growth or even death. Arborists can conduct preventive maintenance to keep trees in good health and reduce any insect, disease, or property concerns. Furthermore, they have the knowledge and skills needed for treating plant diseases and preventing them from infecting other plants.

How to Become an Arborist?

In Australia, to become a professional arborist, you will need to undergo training in Arboriculture. Employers generally require you to finish year 10 to have a career in arboriculture. You will also be eligible for a research position if you have a bachelor’s or graduate degree.

Arboriculture Australia recently launched the Australian Arborist Industry Licence to recognise qualified arborists. Having a licence will confirm that an arborist is qualified to perform tree work. Soon, professional arborists will be required to present this licence.

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