Tree Lopping Service


Tree Lopping Service is offered and operated by Tall Timbers Tree Services. It is composed of team of professional and friendly tree experts. We’re proud to deliver high quality and reasonably price in Sydney and to surrounding areas.

We always ensure that we produce the required end-result according to our clients’ needs. In cases like decayed, diseased or damaged trees call tree lopping service. Experts in the service promptly serve anyone that requires our expertise. Our service is the best and preferred choice especially for tree lopping service from Sydney to the greater west, north and south coast.

Phillip and the team at Tall Timbers Tree Services can advise you if a tree needs to be completely removed or if it can be saved. We respectfully advise you if a tree needs to be completely removed or if it can be saved. Professional arborists who are experienced in tree services have the right equipment to cut and remove small or large tree. When the job is completed, our professional staff will always make sure to leave your property clean and tidy. You won’t even know we were ever there!

Tree diseases are contagious.


If a tree has died from or is currently dying from a disease other plants can contract that disease. This is important in cases where someone has planted flowers underneath a tree or has planted other trees in the general vicinity. The disease may spread and infect these otherwise alive and healthy plants.

Branches may fall and dead trees will begin to decompose. Falling off branches have great chances to destroy your home, your property, your neighbour’s property. Animals or people walk underneath the tree can also suffer a serious injury. Worst to that is death if they are hit by a branch. Decay and decomposition will both compromise the integrity of the tree.


Dead trees also attract pest.


While your tree may be dead or in the throes of dying this doesn’t mean that wildlife won’t in fact build a new home there. A major risk with any decaying tree is that your tree might also attract rats and termites. This can easily make the short distance into your home where the will cause a whole new set of issues and problems.

Whenever you notice a tree which may be dying, you should always call an arborist to assess it properly. The sooner you can catch the problem the less costly the tree removal Sydney is. We may be able to actually save it.

Tall Timbers Tree Services provide a comprehensive and wide range of tree surgery. We are recognised as Sydney’s largest most capable and most experienced arboricultural business. We provide a Sydney-wide service based in Sydney and employ over 10 qualified and certified arborists.

Tall Timbers Tree Services can offer you specialised knowledge and advice in respect of your local area government including up to date laws and regulations. Call the team +61414627627 today!