Large Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Allow us to Take Care of Your Beautiful Garden’s Large Hedge Trimming and Pruning Needs

At Tall Timbers Tree Services, we create beautiful and relaxing garden space by pruning and trimming hedges. Our expert arborists can take care of your garden’s large hedge trimming and pruning needs. We have 20+ years of experience with tree management and related services. So when you need quality expert advice on tree management or want to know more about large hedge trimming and pruning, Tall Timbers Tree Services is the place you should call.

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Tall Timbers Tree Services For All Your Large Hedge Trimming Needs

Who doesn’t love having beautifully manicured hedges in their garden space? Trimmed and neat hedges can increase the curb appeal and value of your garden.

At Tall Timbers Tree Services, we provide professional and cost-effective large hedge trimming and pruning services. We offer complete trimming, pruning, and maintenance service for all shrubs, bushes, small trees and garden hedges on residential properties. Our expert hedging and pruning team are trained and experienced in using various arborist equipment to perform hedge trimming and pruning jobs. Extensive skills and years of experience of our expert team allow them to work on all shapes, sizes, and heights of garden hedges and other pruning tasks. We use the latest and advanced tools to safely trim or prune the hedges and trees of your beautiful garden.

Our expert team are skilled with assessing and rectifying the problems such as dealing with an overgrown hedge, removing dead or diseased limbs, providing a trimmed and well-maintained look. Regular large hedge pruning and trimming, seasonal fertilizing, and weeding ensure a maintained look and offer longevity to your hedges and shrubs. Our expert team can offer regular or seasonal care and maintenance of hedges and shrubs.

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Why is Large Hedge Pruning Important?

  • Pruning your hedges allows the bushes to grow faster and thicker. Irregular and improper trimming will keep the top of hedges denser and restrict the middle growth, which spoils the visual appeal of the bushes.
  • Proper trimming is essential to ensure balanced overall growth. A well-trimmed hedge will enhance the overall look of your garden and offer required privacy. Regular hedge pruning or trimming also ensure the better health of the bushes and reduce insect infestation significantly.
  • However, not all hedges require regular trimming. Some hedges only grow during spring or summer, and others have slower growth. In both cases, you can consider pruning and trimming at least once or twice a year.

Tree Management Experts

When you choose Tall Timbers Tree Services, you get to associate with a well-established company having a strong reputation in the market. We strive for customer satisfaction and focus on providing a 100% guarantee with every job taken. Our team’s combined experience in tree management and industry easily surpasses over 50 years!

We offer an extensive range of tree services – from tree lopping servicestree pruning servicestree cutting services to emergency tree services. Our highly skilled experts ensure a safer environment around the premises while working on the task. We guide you through our process and reveal all the plans and details to complete the task on time.

Whether you need our assistance with large hedge pruning or want to remove an aged tree from your backyard, we commit to providing you with reliable, 100% satisfying, and comprehensive tree management service every time.

Why Choose Us For Your Large Hedge Pruning and Trimming Needs?

Leave pruning and trimming to experts!

Our large hedge pruning and trimming services include providing expert advice on maintaining and caring for bushes, shrubs, and small trees to keep them from looking overgrown and untidy.

If you are looking for the best professional large hedge pruning & trimming services near you, Tall Timbers Tree Services is the one-stop solution for all your tree removal needs. Want to have well-maintained and beautifully manicured hedges in your garden space? Call us on 0414 627 627 for a FREE quote!


Older stems, stems growing out, or splitting into two are snipped with loopers in order to trim the large overgrown hedge. You can witness the procedure from a safe distance while our team carries out the procedure.

According to the rule of thumb for trimming and cutting hedges, you should not cut more than a third of the total volume of a hedge at a time. This encourages growth in the top most region of the hedge without imposing any harm to the entire structure of the hedge.

Normally, hedges must be cut back twice a year depending on their growth spurt. Winter, late spring, early fall, are the best seasons to cut any hedges since the hedges will be fully dormant at that time. Prune before the frost starts coming in and avoid pruning during the summers.

Our certified arborists can access any tree with our specialised equipment and expert climbers!