Our certified arborists can access any tree with our specialised equipment and expert climbers!

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Tree Lopping Service is offered and operated by Tall Timbers Tree Services.It is composed of team of professional and friendly tree experts. We’re proud to deliver high quality and reasonably price in Sydney and to surrounding areas. We always ensure that we produce the required end-result according to our clients’ needs. In cases like decayed,



Our stump grinding process is the safest and most effective way to get rid of tree stumps forever. You won’t even know there was ever a stump there!



Our professional and qualified tree climbers can also access difficult-to-reach trees for all necessary trimming or tree removals. Call us today!



Tree Felling Service : Tips and Suggestions Tree felling is a procedure of cutting or breaking down trees. It is also known as logging in the local area. There are things to consider in tree felling. We say tree felling; it involves responsibility and safety of the entities and of the feller as well. It

About Us

Tall Timbers Tree Services was founded in Sydney in the early 1990s by Phillip Couzal. We are proud to say that we should be your first line of experts to call when it comes to anything tree or stump related in Sydney. We have over 20 years of tree management experience and offer a superior service and knowledge of all aspects of the tree services industry. Tall Timber Tree Services hires arborists directly, which means that you will always be dealing with a trusted and qualified employee of the company. We are pleased to offer our tree services all around greater Sydney.

We have years of experience and tenure in tree services all over Sydney including, Northern Sydney, St Ives, Ryde, Pymble, Lane Cove, Hornsby,  Oatlands, Homebush, Croydon, Strathfield, Ashfield, Canterbury, Parramatta, The Hills, South Coast… We cover almost all off Sydney.

Our skilled professionals work with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques which are reliable and allow your job to be completed safely and efficiently. No one in Sydney understands trees and has the knowledge that we do about such a wide variety of tree species, both native and non-native. Being deft climbers, our fully qualified arborists can access restricted and difficult spaces easily and with as little impact to the surrounding area as possible.

In return we can guarantee excellent service, superior knowledge and expertise, a safety compliant job and a ‘no regrets’ policy.

Some of the customers we provide services to include:

    1. Small and large residential properties all over Sydney
    2. Strata and Body Corporate properties
    3. Real Estate Agents
    4. Small and Large Estates

We are the best in the business, we have specialised skill, knowledge and expertise in these areas and can provide you a top quality service at an affordable rate.

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