How do I apply for a permit?

At Tall Timber Tree service, we take care of all permits from your end. You will obviously be looped in with everything and will have the final say. But with us as your Arborists, you only need to sit back and relax!

Can you provide a quotation over the phone?

Yes, we can provide a free quote over the phone but it is subject to change if there are any noticeable changes in the services required or recommended. Give us a call on 0414627627 to receive your free quote.

What will the quotation contain?

The quotation will be sent to you at your home or emailed to you. The quotation will contain the plan of action, the suggested work plan, our contact details, ABN, a clear description of what’s needed and how the process will progress, and our GST rate.

How will your team protect my property from damage during the works?

Our team is highly skilled and experienced to make sure that no damage is incurred to the property while whatever work is being carried out. We have been in the industry for a very long time and take the best measures to maintain safety. Our main aim is to carry out all processes safely. We are also insured and have no problem in providing insurance copies for your peace of mind.

Do you need council approval to cut down a tree in NSW?

Yes, approval for the council in NSW or whichever locality you reside in is a must. Tree removal approval is based on different criteria that the council will need to take into consideration before approving the procedure. However, there are some exceptions for not getting Council approval. You can best contact Tall Timber Tree Service for a quick guidance and any further clarification.

Is it illegal to cut down trees in Australia?

No, it is not illegal to cut down trees in Australia. But, you do need a permit or approval from the council to do so with respect to strict laws in Australia regarding tree removals.

How many people will be doing the work?

This solely depends on the type of work and what will be the ideal number of crew members to perform the task safely. We take all safety precautions to make sure that none of our crew members is in harm’s way.

Do I need to be at home when the work is done?

No, you need not be at home when the work is done. Our job is out in the open and no access to your home is required. However, we will be delighted to have you witness the art of tree removal.

What happens with the cut material?

We make sure to leave the site just as we found it. We have strict pre and post-job completion guidelines to fulfil. The quote provided includes the service of green waste disposal unless stated otherwise.

What is the best month to cut down a tree?

Since trees are dormant in winters, you can avail tree removal services between the months of June to August. It is much safer and less messy.

How has Tall Timber been providing a Guarantee of work?

If you are not satisfied with our work, we will be glad to visit your site once again for an inspection. IF mistakes or inadequate instances are found because of our work, we will return with our equipment to re-work. Tall Timbers Tree services has the most qualified professionals and Arborists to guarantee high quality services.

My problem isn’t listed?

If your problem is not listed in our FAQ list, you can simply contact us and raise your concerns. 

Call us on 0414627627

Or write to us at admin@talltimberstreeservices.com.au

What are the project cancellation conditions?

If you cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment, 25% of the total cost will be chargeable. If you cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, 50% of the total cost will be chargeable. If you have any questions regarding cancellations, get in touch with us!