Tree Felling Sydney

Tree Felling Services & Tree Cutting Sydney

Tree felling is a procedure of cutting or breaking down trees. It is also known as logging in the local area. There are things to consider in tree felling.

We say tree felling; it involves responsibility and safety of the entities and of the feller as well. It is not advisable to cut down trees if you are not an expert, especially that gigantic one. Thus, this work requires a special technique that only professional feller does. Nevertheless, it’s extremely dangerous and harmful to those who will engage into it without proper knowledge. Safety first as they say.

When you call us for cutting down trees we consider first the precise gear or machinery to use. We ensure that the equipment used like a chainsaw is fully checked and highly loaded. Furthermore we examine the general condition of the tree like the dead branches, loose bark, cracks, and decayed roots. Then, secure the direction where the best drop zone of the tree to fall. It should be free from people or anything that might be hurt or destroy.

Remember to cut the large branches at a time. Moreover, scrutinize the base of the tree, roots, or if it is near the river or lake where it lands after being cut. In addition, consider also the wind direction for safety purposes.

Finally, make sure to keep a distance while breaking it down. Go to the nearby tree to shield on and be protected as the tree falls on the ground.

An important reminder in as much as possible avoid cutting old and big trees all by yourself. Leave it to the expert that have complete knowledge about it. You can also read why you need tree cutting service Sydney area and to the greater west, north and south coast

If you have some queries about tree felling don’t hesitate to call Tall Timbers Tree Services. We can assure you of quality service and to your utmost fulfillment.

Our certified arborists can access any tree with our specialised equipment and expert climbers!