Benefits of Tree Trimming

benefits of tree trimming

8 Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Having healthy trees around your home has many benefits. They add beauty and improve the overall value of your property. They also provide shade and improve the air in their surroundings. But, to continually enjoy the benefits of having trees in your area, you must also endure the tedious task of tree care and maintenance. Unlike regular gardening, keeping trees healthy is more complex. They are larger, heavier, and require more attention.

One of the most important parts of proper tree care is regular tree trimming or tree pruning. What is tree pruning? It involves removing branches that prevent trees from growing healthily and keeps trees looking attractive. However, trimming a tree can be difficult and dangerous. Many homeowners prefer to skip it altogether. If you are on the fence about trimming your trees, here are eight benefits of tree trimming to help you decide whether the work will be worth your while.

1. Improves Your Tree’s Overall Health

Proper trimming improves tree health by removing hazardous branches. By eliminating dead or disease-stricken branches, you can prevent further decay and spread of plant disease to nearby plants. Although a large tree with many branches and leaves might look attractive, cutting off some of your tree’s larger branches will help make it healthier. It allows your tree to absorb and distribute more nutrients from the soil.

2. Increases Sun Exposure and Air Circulation

Trees need sufficient sunlight and air throughout their leaves and branches in order to thrive. Trimming trees increase sun exposure and air circulation through all parts of the tree. It can allow even the lower branches to have a sufficient amount of sun and air to aid in the process of photosynthesis, which improves the tree’s overall health.

3. Disease Detection

Another useful advantage of tree trimming is disease detection. While trimming your tree, you can easily detect if your tree has been infected by fungus or pests. By detecting diseases early on, you will be able to prevent them from reaching other parts of your tree and stop them from infecting other plants around it. Once a disease has been detected, call a professional arborist to help you cure your tree and bring it back to its usual vigour.

4. Increases Curb Appeal and Property Value

Tree trimming can enhance your property’s curb appeal by shaping your tree to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. By clipping and trimming your tree periodically, you can guide it to grow in a particular direction and achieve a desirable look. As a result, your property’s value also increases and it will attract potential homebuyers to give you an agreeable offer if you should decide to sell your home.

5. Prevents Property Damage

Trees that stand close to a house, pool, driveway, or any other structure should be trimmed regularly. This prevents weak branches from falling into your property and causing costly or irreversible damage. Imagine a heavy tree branch falling into your car. Not only will you have to pay for repairs, but it will also be very inconvenient for you since you might not be able to use your vehicle for a while.

6. Opens Up Your Property and Improves Home Security

Tree trimming opens up your property and allows you to have a better view of your yard. Not only will you enjoy a more spacious and peaceful looking atmosphere, but you will also be able to spot any intruders that might attempt to break into your home. Large trees can be the perfect hiding area for burglars and criminals. The sooner you can spot them, the better chance you will have at protecting your family and property.

7. Improves The Tree’s Productivity

If you have a fruit tree on your property, tree trimming will help improve the size and quality of its fruits. Because there are lesser branches in your tree, the amount of nutrients it receives from the soil also increases. Consequently, you end up having bigger and tastier fruits. Trim your trees in later winter for shape and remember to expose the centre of your tree to sunlight and air.

8. Protects Your Family

Aside from keeping intruders away from your home, trimming your trees will also prevent your tree from causing serious injuries to your family. Weak branches easily break and fall under strong winds. If your kid happens to play in your yard, a tree branch could fall and cause severe injuries.

Homeowners with several trees around their home might be hesitant about trimming trees because of the amount of work and risks associated with it. Keep the above benefits of tree trimming in mind and compare them against the disadvantages of pruning to make a better decision. Surely, these benefits will be worth your energy. But, if you feel you cannot perform it on your own, you can always call a professional to do the work for you.

There are different types of tree pruning that will also give different specific benefits. They are dead wooding, thinning, raising canopy, and canopy cleaning. Consult our expert arborists at Tall Timbers Tree Services for tree trimming Kellyville. We can help you discover more about the importance of pruning and perform different types of tree services your trees may require.