Cheap Stump Removal and Grinding

cheap stump removal and grinding

Cheap Stump Removal and Grinding

The Comparisons Between Cheap Stump Removal And Grinding

Trees on residential property contribute to its aesthetics and the overall health of the environment. However, when trees get damaged or turn into a nuisance, there’s nothing left to do but to remove them from your premises. And, after cutting down an unwanted tree, stump removal should also follow. If left on the ground, stumps can continue to negatively impact their surroundings. At the very least, they pose as tripping hazards to children, pets, or your lawnmower.

So, how do you remove a stump? There are several ways to do it. Most of them take time while one takes money. If you are reluctant on spending money on stump removal, you can choose a cheap stump removal method. You can get rid of your stump with a few bucks by manually removing your stump, burning, or using chemicals. But, if you don’t have the time or the energy to perform a budget-friendly stump removal method, grinding tree stumps might be the best option for you. For a cost, you can rent a stump grinder and gradually chip away the remnants of your tree. Not sure about which method to use? This article will help you decide by presenting comparisons between cheap stump removal and grinding.

Cheap Stump Removal Methods


If you are dealing with a relatively small or old tree stump, this method could be effective for you. Removing a stump by hand involves digging your stump out and manually uprooting it. Still, you will need to equip yourself with the right tools to make your job easier. You’ll need a chainsaw, a mattock, a shovel, a digging bar, and an axe. The idea is to loosen the dirt and cut the large chunks until you can wiggle the stump and its roots out of the ground. If you already have the tools needed to complete the work, you won’t even need to spend any money to get your stump removed.


Another inexpensive way to remove a stump is by burning it. You’ll need a power drill, kerosene, a dry stack of wood, and a match. Before you begin, make sure the stump is dry or dead. You will have difficulty lighting up a wet stump. When you’re good and ready, drill holes into your stump and fill them with a flammable liquid such as kerosene. It is important to note that kerosene should be used and not gasoline because the latter burns too hot and is tougher to control.

After soaking the stump with kerosene, ignite the stump and watch it burn. You can add dry pieces of wood to keep the fire going until the stump is completely removed. This will take about 12-24 hours, depending on how large your stump is. This method is cheap and less arduous, but takes time and is the most dangerous. Be sure to check if burning is allowed in your neighbourhood. Some cities and neighbourhoods have regulations on burning stumps, even if they’re on your property.

Using Chemicals

If you are unwilling to do manual labour and burning is not allowed in your neighbourhood, you could always use chemicals. In this method, you will need a drill, an axe, and some potassium nitrate. First, you’ll have to drill holes into your stump. Then, pour liberal amounts of potassium nitrate into those holes and fill them with water. After four to six weeks, your stump will become spongy and you can start breaking the stump using your axe. Although this takes the longest time to accomplish, stump removal using chemicals is safer and less labour intensive.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a much more manageable and faster route you can take when removing a tree stump. Although you will need to pay for a stump grinder, you won’t have to wait very long to be rid of your stump. The grinder will do all the heavy work by chewing the remaining tree trunk until it’s completely gone. This tree removal process will only take about 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how large your stump is. To save money, you can grind the stump yourself by renting a stump grinder from your local hardware or gardening store. But, if you’re hesitant about operating heavy equipment, you can always hire a professional tree specialist to grind your stump away.

Now that you know how cheap stump removal and grinding works, you can decide on which option will best suit your position. Just remember that whichever route you take will require your utmost attention. The dangers of tree work are ever-present and you should always be vigilant in your actions especially in handling tools and equipment. You can also hire an experienced professional to remove or grind tree stumps for you. They can ensure that the proper methods will be done for your unique situation and help keep you and your property safe from any danger or destruction.

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