Dead Wooding Service Benefits

dead wooding service

5 Essential Dead Wooding Service Benefits

As trees get older, large and small branches will gradually wither and die. It is a natural part of a tree’s life cycle. And when it happens, your tree will not only look unattractive but also become highly dangerous. To prolong your tree’s life and prevent it from causing any harm, you need regular dead wooding services. Although dead parts of your tree will eventually fall on their own, dead wooding hastens their removal. It encourages your tree’s healthy growth and prevents serious injuries and costly damages. This vital tree care process involving the removal of dead, dying, and diseased branches safely and efficiently are done by professional arborists. Keep reading to learn more about the dead wooding service benefits.

1. Ensures Safety

Among the top benefits of deadwood removal is it ensures safety. Trees with dead branches pose a serious threat to people and property, especially those that are in suburban areas. Dead branches could detach during a storm or get blown away by strong winds, hitting people, objects, and structures on their way to the ground.

Dead wooding ensures that those dangerous parts of your tree will be removed before they could cause any problems. So, your home, family, assets, and anyone or anything near your tree will remain safe from harm. You’ll also be able to avoid costly repairs and damages for tree-related accidents on your property or your neighbour’s.

2. Prevents Rotting And Infestation

When dying branches rot, they could infect the tree trunk and cause it to die more quickly. They could also attract pests and critters that can impact the health of your tree and other nearby plants. Regular dead wooding prevents this from happening because it reduces the chance for fungi and pests to fester or multiply.

3. Law Compliance

dead wooding service

Another one of the advantages of hiring a dead wooding service is their knowledge of tree regulations in your area. Routine tree maintenance including dead wooding may be required by law, depending on your location. Schools and government bodies in Australia mandate that dead branches 30mm or greater in diameter should be removed as a matter of public safety. A dead wooding service will help you comply with tree maintenance regulations unique to your area and prevent you from being fined or penalised.

4. Improves Landscape Appearance

Dead wooding also helps improve the overall balance and aesthetics of your trees. Since they will look attractive, the appearance of your entire landscape and the value of your property will also improve. However, dead wooding is precise work that can only be properly accomplished by experienced professionals. Removing tree branches on your own could make your trees more look more unhealthy and unbalanced.

5. Promotes Tree Health

Getting a certified arborist to cut off dead and weak branches promotes your tree’s healthy growth. It allows more light to be absorbed by your tree to use its energy to generate lush branches instead of ridding itself of bad ones. Moreover, when sunlight, air, and rainwater are not blocked by thick and unhealthy branches, your tree can live longer. Plants and grass growing under your tree will also benefit from it.

Hire The Arborists At Tall Timbers Tree Services

Arborists are experts at diagnosing dead tissues on a tree and expertly pruning them away. While removing dead and diseased branches may sound pretty straightforward, untrained tree workers usually have difficulty recognising what dying wood looks like until it’s too late. Dead wooding takes training and experience, especially because heavy trees could cause serious injuries and damages. The application of the right methods of removing limbs is also paramount in preserving the life of a tree and making sure it will sprout new and healthy growth.

Tall Timbers Tree Services is a team of specially-trained arborists that can expertly provide all the dead wooding service benefits. Aside from our extensive knowledge and training in providing tree care services, we also have top-of-the-line equipment to ensure safety as we work on your trees. Moreover, we know all the tree maintenance regulations in your area and offer liability insurance to protect you from incurring additional expenses. Keep in mind that as they mature, trees should be regularly inspected and maintained. Be sure to know when and how by working with trained arborists like us.