Do Your Trees Need Pruning In Summer?

Do Your Trees Need Pruning In Summer?

It can be very confusing to decide if your trees need pruning in the summers. Especially if you’re your own gardener. The process of pruning is mostly carried out in the winter or in the colder months and pruning during hot months is not recommended. Tree pruning in Sydney may not be carried out by many people because hotter months are not recommended to be operated in. But, if you know what you’re doing, you can prune your trees and turn the result into a highly beneficial yield. Tree services in Sydney are something you must look for if you want to take care of your trees without imposing any risk. 

It is important to prune your trees for the sake of your family and property’s safety. Unnecessary branches and roots can fall off or interrupt day-to-day life. This can also be lethal and cause damage to anyone passing by or to your property. Pruning experts at Tall Timber Tree Services will make sure that you prune your trees whenever it’s needed and inform you about all the requirements you need to take care of all year round. If you’re from the Greater West, North, or South Coast, we provide pruning services all over the country during any time of the year. Our team has extensive knowledge, resources, and the skills required to make sure that everything is in optimum condition. 

Trees play a very vital part in our lives. They not only provide a neat and clean environment, and healthy air quality but also boost the beauty of any place. Not to forget that they add colour to our life, provide us with fruits and flowers, and so many more things. Trees that live on for generations are considered to be a family heritage. With our tree pruning, you can be on your journey to maintain a tree that will be a huge part of your family, if not a family heritage. 

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Reasons To Consider Tree Pruning In The Summers:

  • Help Slow And Steady Growth

    Pruning is great for letting your tree slowly grow to its maximum capacity. It reduces the total leaf count or surface area, hence reducing the amount of food produced and sent to the roots. Trees tend to grow more in the summers, a good number of them. If you opt for pruning, you have the chance to provide space and resources for the tree to grow better and get ready for the winters. 

  • Restore Shape And Structure:

    You can opt for summer pruning to make sure that your tree is ready for the winter. Summer pruning helps you clean damage from winter and rainstorms, making way for your tree to grow better. Pruning also helps in shaping the look of the tree, getting rid of unnecessary leaves and branches that hinder the health factor of a tree. Damaged branches can cause stress to the tree. Believe it or not, it messes with their system just like how we would be bothered by anything wrong in our body. Sometimes dead branches also latch onto the tree and do not fall down. 

We, at Tall Timber Tree servicesalso provide large hedge pruning to make sure the beauty of your property is not compromised. Large hedge trimming is essential to make sure that hedges do not grow too much and pose the threat of getting destroyed by factors like winds and rains. Trimmed hedges are easier to look after, you do not worry much, and they make your property look gorgeous! Get in touch with us to book your consultation and appointments today!