Mulching Benefits For Trees

mulching benefits for trees

What is mulch?

Do trees need mulch around them? When planting new trees on your property, adding a good layer of mulch around them can be very beneficial to their healthy growth. Mulching is the process of placing an organic or inorganic material under the dripline of a tree or plant. The best mulch for trees and shrubs is organic mulch such as nutshells, leaves, and woodchips since they decompose over time and become part of the soil. Using inorganic mulch like pulverised tires, rocks, and stones might also be good for protecting soil in crowded areas. However, rocks and other inorganic mulch aren’t ideal for tree mulching. They can compact the soil, heat up to high temperatures, and increase the pH level of the soil.

Mulching Benefits For Trees

What does mulching do for your tree? There are several advantages of applying tree mulch, especially if your tree has just recently been planted. Mulching is more than just a beautification method for any landscape enthusiast. Here are some amazing mulching benefits for trees.

1. Provides Insulation Layer

Placing tree mulch on top of the soil where a tree is planted makes it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With a layer of mulch, tree roots are protected from extreme temperatures, which prevents plant injuries and decay.

2. Conserves Soil Moisture

During the summer, when water evaporates quickly, the soil tends to dry out. This could result to root desiccation and even death. If your trees are mulched, sunlight will not reach the bare soil and moisture loss is reduced. Even with less watering, the soil under a layer of mulch retains its moisture and its roots can continue to prosper.

3. Improves The Soil’s Fertility

When mulch breaks down, it adds humus to the soil. This will help increase the organic matter in the soil, which serves as a nutrient and water reservoir underground. As a result, your tree will continue to receive the nutrients and water that they need to flourish.

4. Prevents Erosion And Water Runoff

Bare soil easily erodes or breaks apart under heavy rain. Applying mulch protects the soil from being eroded and reduces water runoff by acting as a sponge that will slowly absorb water and encourage it to percolate downward at a more manageable rate. The roots will still get the water they need while maintaining a good soil structure.

5. Suppresses Weed Growth

A nice, thick layer of mulch inhibits the growth of weeds. When the soil is covered by mulch, weed seeds will not get the adequate light that they need to germinate. Additionally, dirt is the perfect place for weed seeds to land and germinate so most weeds will never be able to come in contact with the soil that is covered with mulch.

Other mulching benefits for trees include protection from lawnmower damage, providing a more manicured appearance of your landscape, and providing a favourable environment for organisms that benefit soil structure and fertility. Mulching is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can properly take care of your trees. Just remember to learn the ways to do it properly. You can also ask assistance from a professional arborist who can recommend the best mulch for your trees and offer various tree services to better improve your yard.

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