Stump Grinding is an Overlooked Yet Important Service


People choose to remove tree stumps for a variety of reasons. If the land is to be used for commercial development, for example, it may need to be levelled out completely and be free of trees, roots, bushes, and stumps. One available option for getting rid of tree stumps in your yard is stump grinding.

There are several benefits to be gained when you hire professional stump grinding services to get rid of stubborn stumps. Here are a few of them.

1. Pest Control

Leaving a stump alone and forgotten for too long increases the chances for unwanted pests to make a home inside it. And the pest problem may become too severe for you to handle yourself.

Hiring a professional pest control service doesn’t come cheap, so the practical approach would be to hire stump removal and tree services at an affordable price before the situation goes out of hand.

2. Safety

A tree stump sticking out of the lawn can be a safety hazard to kids, adults, and pets. And if a neighbour accidentally trips and hurts themselves, the stump additionally becomes a liability. It’s also harder and more dangerous to clean out the lawn with a mower if there’s a stump hidden in the grass.

A local certified arborist can offer professional stump grinding services that can safely and quickly get rid of any stumps by using a stump grinder, shovel, and other tools.

3. Disease Management

Trees can have several health problems, too. If you had to get rid of a tree because of disease or rot, then there’s a chance that the problem can spread to other nearby trees.

Having a stump removed with a stump grinder ensures that everything up until the root system is taken care of, effectively removing any rotting and diseases in the process.

4. Improves the Lawn’s Appeal

All the effort and money spent on improving your lawn’s appearance won’t amount to much if you have an unsightly stump cramping your style in the middle of it all. Even if the stump doesn’t look like a menace, if it’s not contributing anything, it’s better removed with a stump grinder.

5. Frees Up Space

Homeowners who don’t have a lot of lawn space, to begin with, can’t afford to keep a useless stump. Aside from attracting pests, that stump may also prevent you from undertaking lawn renovation projects that can improve life such as building a hobby shed or a playground for the kids.

An Arborist Offers More Than Just Stump Grinding

Consulting with arborists regarding your stump problem also benefits you in other ways. They won’t need much time to assess the condition of your lawn and suggest further tree services to improve or maintain the health of your natural surroundings.

Are you having problems with a certain tree and need professional stump grinding services? Or perhaps you’re ready to invest in making your lawn so picturesque that it becomes worthy to be painted on canvas. Call Tall Timbers Tree Services now, and we’ll help you handle any tree-related concerns you may have. Reach us on 0414 627 627 and we’ll give you a free quote.