Tree Pruning Benefits

5 Tree Pruning Benefits That You May Haven't Thought About

5 Tree Pruning Benefits You Might Not Know About

Most people who have attractive trees in their yards understand the importance of pruning or trimming their trees. Not only does pruning make trees look balanced and beautiful, but it also increases their lifespan and prevents them from causing problems in your property. However, some disadvantages of pruning trees could arise when done incorrectly. If you’re dealing with large and heavy branches, it could be dangerous to your health and everything around it. Furthermore, if you don’t know the right methods of pruning tree branches, your tree could suffer and even die. The best thing to do is to hire an experienced arborist with the right knowledge and equipment to safely perform the job. It may cost a lot more than a DIY, but the results will be well worth your money.

You already know that pruning makes your trees healthy, beautiful, and less hazardous to their surroundings. Still not convinced that you need to hire tree pruning services? Here are other tree pruning benefits you might not know about that could just change your mind.

1. Improve The Health Of Plants Around The Tree

Is your tree growing with other plants in your garden? If yes, then it is also sharing the nutrients available in that area. You might notice that as your trees get bigger and thicker, other plants nearby start to look less healthy. The large branches of your tree could be blocking the sun from reaching the plants below it. Your tree could also be absorbing most of the water on the ground, leaving the soil drier and unable to properly sustain other life.

2. Increase The Value Of Your Property

When trees are regularly pruned, they become a valuable asset to your property. If you should decide to sell your home one day, your trees will be one of the things a buyer will see upon entering your compound. If they look messy and unkempt, the buyer will most likely think that your house also lacks proper maintenance. But, if your trees are well-trimmed and aesthetically pleasing, more people will be attracted to buying your home. Therefore, you can put a higher price on it and get a very good deal.

3. Avoid Liabilities And Fines

When your trees are neglected, they not only cause problems to your property, but also to other homes and structures nearby. If your home is close to busy pedestrian sidewalks, it could even cause injuries to people that just happen to pass by. Not only are you morally obligated to take care of your trees. But, you are also legally responsible for any damages or injuries they could cause. So, take care of runaway tree branches before they lead to problems that could bring you to face lawsuits and costly penalties.

4. Enhance Security

Trees that have grown uncontrollably could block the view from your windows. This can be seen as an advantage for thieves and criminals who are planning to break into your house. They can use your trees to move through your yard undetected and enter your home without raising suspicion. But, if your trees are kept at a safe size through regular tree trimming, you’ll have better visibility of what’s going on outside your house. You can call the authorities and defend yourself before anyone can harm you.

5. Clear Utility Lines

Another common result of leaving your trees untrimmed is that they could reach hazardous power lines. Then your tree’s branches grow into these lines, it could be very hard and risky to remove them. They could cause sudden power interruptions which could affect your entire neighbourhood. Don’t let your trees become a huge inconvenience for everyone. Cut the branches and limbs that start to grow dangerously close to utility lines.

There may even be more benefits of pruning your trees, depending on where you live and the type of tree you are growing. If you have fruit-bearing trees, there are also unique benefits of pruning fruit trees, including the improvement of the quality and quantity of its produce. If you are still hesitant about pruning your trees because of the costs it represents, just keep in mind that their opposites can cost you even more. You might even have to deal with permanent damages and injuries if your trees aren’t properly pruned and maintained.

If you want a reliable tree pruning service that can offer all these advantages and more, hire our professional arborists at Tall Timbers Tree Services. We have the appropriate equipment, skills, training, and experience to carry out any tree maintenance work. We don’t just offer a successful result but also guarantee safety and efficiency on the job.