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3 Obvious Signs To Call Tree Removal Services

Majestic trees are wonderful assets that bring more beauty and value to your property. More than that, they also provide shade, cleaner air, and many other environmental benefits. Nevertheless, like all living things on this planet, they change through time. They get older, weaker, and less beneficial, even with regular tree maintenance. One day, your trees will begin their natural process of deterioration and start turning into dangers more than they are assets. When this time finally arrives, you need to be ready to let them go. Otherwise, your property and anyone around them could fall victim to their hazards.

When left on your property, old trees with dead or dying branches could fall off and hit power lines, cars, structures, or people on their way down. And when they do, you will have to be responsible for any damages and injuries caused by your tree. To eliminate these risks, you need to work with an experienced tree care professional. But how do you know when it’s time for your trees to be removed? Here are the 3 obvious signs you need to call tree removal services.

1. Multiple Dead Branchestree removal service

If you see many dead branches all around your tree, scattered on the ground or loosely hanging with other branches above, take it as a sign of an unhealthy or dying tree. At any point, even with less menacing winds, dead or weak branches could fall off and cause problems on your property. Although a few dead branches here and there can be addressed with regular tree pruning, when your tree exhibits too many of them, they might be beyond saving. The right thing to do is call your trusted arborist. They have a trained eye to thoroughly help evaluate the tree’s health. They can tell you if your tree can still be brought back to health or if tree removal is the only remaining option.

2. Spread Of Disease

Trees are prone to viruses and diseases. And when they catch them, they tend to infect other trees and plants around them. So, if you notice that many of your trees and plants seem to lack their usual vigour, it may be an indication that they have contracted a tree virus or disease. To prevent the decline of your entire landscape and any damages they may cause on your property, call tree removal services. They can take out the main tree that’s causing this problem, and remove other trees that have already suffered irreparable damage. Moreover, a good tree removal and pruning services company will also help you conserve all the other trees around the problematic one so you won’t have to be bothered about the spread of the same disease in the future.

3. Presence Of Pests And Insects

Pests and insects are attracted to weak, dead, or damaged trees. They feed and often take residence on their barks, trunks, and branches. When you see a growing population of pests and unwanted insects, don’t delay your call to a tree care expert. These annoying creatures will bring more than discomfort, but also cause a bigger concern for your family and property when left to multiply. They could even reach your home and start attacking wooden furniture and structures. Since the tree they’re feeding on is obviously becoming a threat, it has to be removed right away. When the dead or damaged tree is no longer around, the number of pests around your home will also gradually decrease and completely disappear.

Why You Need A Tree Removal Service

The above-mentioned obvious indications that your tree needs to be removed are some of the worst possible conditions your tree could be in. This means that when incorrectly handled, the situation could escalate to uncontrollable and destructive. This is why only a trained and experienced tree removal service should do the job. While simple tree care maintenance or removals may be something you can accomplish on your own or by tree cutting services near you, it’s always better to go for reputable and licensed tree services companies.

Removing a large and dangerous tree could be a health risk for you and anyone on your property. With a few mistakes, you could lose or damage your assets, create problems in your neighbourhood, or harm your family and passersby. Not only do the professionals have the right knowledge and tools for the job, but will also offer you liability insurance to protect you if things go wrong.

If you want the right people to help you get rid of your problematic tree, call Tall Timbers Tree Services. Our experienced arborists can help you inspect your trees and survey your entire property to find the right solutions to your tree concerns. By hiring us, you can stay on your own time and stay unharmed while ensuring the health and safety of your landscape, family, and neighbourhood. If you want to know more about our tree pruning, tree removal, and other tree services Sydney, call Tall Timbers Tree Services today on 0414 627 627.