Tree Removalist

Tree Removalist

Tips From a Tree Removalist: What to Do With Storm-Damaged Trees

Trees that are damaged by a hurricane, tornado, or storm have the potential to be a safety hazard to other people and animals that roam in your property. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need the help of a tree removalist.

They can help you correctly assess the health of your storm-damaged trees and remove the ones that are dangerous or won’t grow the same way.

In this guide, we provide property owners with sound advice on what to do with problematic trees. And know when they should call tree trimming services or Sydney tree removals for help.

Assess the damage

A tree may not have to be taken down even after a storm. If there are no major structural damages and the tree looks healthy and vigorous, you may be able to help the tree recover by applying first aid measures.

One simple repair homeowners can do is to remove jagged remains of small broken limbs. This minimises the risk of decay around the area of the wound.

Larger broken branches, on the other hand, are for your local tree services to handle. To be safe, don’t go under large broken limbs, and don’t use a chainsaw to cut dangerous hanging branches unless you really know how to use one.

As tempted as you may be to do everything yourself, don’t. It’s the job of professional tree trimming services to fix or remove storm-damaged trees. So, leave it to an arborist or tree removalist.

Make a decision

Some trees are simply beyond saving. If a tree already has a disease and more than half of the crown is gone, then it may not be worth saving.

The tree with too much damage to its crown may not be able to grow new branches and leaves to provide the nourishment to the rest of its parts — it will never regain its former beauty. In such cases, it may be best to get Sydney tree removals to help you safely remove the tree.

Other signs that a tree may need to be removed:

  • The trunk of the tree is split.
  • The tree has been damaged several times before, making it an increasing hazard over time.
  • The tree is leaning from root damage; it’s unlikely to survive.

When in doubt, call a professional tree removalist

Your home or business property should be free of loose branches, dangerously leaning trees, and diseases that may infect surrounding trees.

If you have concerns about a tree that’s been recently struck by lightning, for instance, an arborist Sydney can examine the damage and let you know if tree services such as Sydney tree removals are needed.

It’s crucial to take action sooner rather than later. If you leave a tree in a bad state without considering tree removal, you may not notice when it becomes a hazard.

Let Tall Timbers Tree Services Help You

If you need tree removal or trimming services, we can send an arborist to your property to assess the situation. Don’t ignore your storm-damaged trees with loose branches, especially if you have kids or seniors living with you. Damaged trees may also pose a risk to clients and staff on your commercial property.

Get a free quote from Tall Timbers Tree Services now. We offer both tree removalist and trimming services for residential, commercial, and public properties.