10 Tree Stump Ideas to Turn Stumps Into an Amazing Work of Ar

Tree Stump Ideas

10 Tree Stump Ideas to Turn Stumps Into an Amazing Work of Art

If you are looking at a tree stump in your yard that was left after your tree cutting service Sydney. And you can’t figure out what to do with it, but somehow you are sure that you do not want it to be removed. Then that is not a problem! We are happy to give you some insights and tree stump ideas that will turn these obstacles into beautiful decorations for your garden or yard. So, you don’t have to remove them at all. Also, it won’t be a distraction to your garden’s beautiful landscape anymore.

Check out these 10 tree stump ideas that will turn into beautiful art pieces.

1. Convert it to a Planter

Where there is death, there is life. One of our tree stump ideas is turning them into a planter. With the use of axe and drill. You can make a hollow on its centre and add some holes for drainage. And voila! You can already put soil and plant on it. Wait for a couple months till the plant grow and enjoy the beauty of what you just made.

2. Make a Nice Pot Stand Out of It

If you are not so much into carving and drilling, then you can simply arrange your pots over them. Preferably, pots for bushy and flowery plants for a better more beautiful landscape.

3. Grow Moss on It

If you’re a person that likes a vintage ambience, then this one is good for you. This is best for stumps that are in moist, dark and humid areas of your yard. This is perfect as it will add a vintage look to your garden.

4. Let the Fairies at it

Now here’s one of the tree stump ideas that your kids will love! So, go grab miniature garden decorations and start turning this ugly little hump into a beautiful fairy cabin. Let the kids go along decorating it too. Surely, this will become a great bonding opportunity for the whole family.

5. Graffiti Rage

On the other hand, if you are into graffiti or that sort of thing, then it’s time to let showcase your passion. Make beauty out of your tree stump! You can paint some colours on it or turn it into creative graffiti.

6. Make it Into a Game Board

If you are the type of person who takes pride of your garden and loves to bring guests along. Then it would be a great idea to turn a tree stump into board games. You can just then add some chairs around it and anyone can enjoy any board games over it.

7. Build Garden Furniture

Here’s one ingenious insight if you’ll agree, why buy garden furniture when you can make one out of a dead tree stump? Savvy eh?

8. Put Some Light on It

Picture your stump glowing during the night. Romantic, isn’t it? Especially if it’s in an area near the house. So, instead, of removing it which may complicate your garden flooring, install some light from inside it. And enjoy the romantic view every night.

9. Sculpture Tree Stump Ideas

If you are into sculpture, then might as well use your trade to beautify this dead lonely hump. Carve some beautiful images on it. It could be anything. You can match it to the overall theme of your garden too.

10. Grow some Mushrooms

Not literally. But they can be converted into colourful mushrooms! Just a little work of an artistic hand would do and some gnomes and you now have a fairytale land in your garden. Which your kids would love by the way!

Talk about turning liabilities into assets! With these tree stump ideas, you can now have a more beautiful landscape. You will certainly enjoy playing around them too. So, get some art working now and call the entire family to help you along.

Did you like these tree stump ideas?

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