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10 Tree Stump Ideas to Turn Stumps Into an Amazing Work of Ar

5 Creative Tree Stump Ideas To Improve Your Garden

Trees have the power to transform a simple yard into a vivacious landscape. But, they can also be a danger and a nuisance when they no longer provide the benefits you want. For your own safety and convenience, you need to remove them from your property right away. Nevertheless, after a tree has been successfully cut down, you’ll still have to deal with its remaining stump.

Tree stumps can a tripping hazard, especially for children and visitors who aren’t aware of their presence. So, what to do with tree stumps? Your first instinct might be to burn, dig, or grind the stump and take it off your property. But, did you know there are many ways you can still utilise it? That bit of your once majestic tree can still be turned into a wonderful art piece or a functional asset for your garden. Are you curious to find out how? Read these five creative tree stump ideas that can help improve your garden.

1. Set Up A Simple Planter

Among the easiest way to utilise a dead stump is to turn it into a planter. With the use of an axe and drill, hollow out the stump’s centre and make a few small holes to drain water. Then, simply fill the hollowed stump with healthy soil and plant flowers or herbs in it. In a matter of weeks, the plant will flourish and you’ll see how much better your landscape looks with this simple addition.

2. Build A Treehouse

If your stump was once part of a strong and large tree, then it could be a great idea to build a treehouse. Not only will it improve the safety and aesthetics of your yard, but it will also make your children very happy. You can even add slides and swings around it to make a better play area. Just make sure your stump is sturdy enough to hold the structure for a long time. If it is already rotting, best cancel any plans of building anything on it.

3. Make Garden Furniture

An ingenious way of using your stump is to make garden furniture. You can turn it into a chair, bench, or the base of an outdoor table. Not only will it help you save money, but also help you maximise the space taken by your unsightly stump. Instead of causing stress, your stump can serve as a place to relax and hang out with your family and friends.

4. Create A Sculpture

A sculpture is a beautiful addition to any garden. It reinforces a garden’s theme and ties it with the house’s design. However, sculptures often require an investment, but with an available stump ready to be sculpted, you might not have to spend a single coin. It can also be a fun activity if you’re into carving works of art. Just remember to have the sculpture periodically sealed coated with clear marine varnish another exterior sealer, to keep the stump from splitting.

5. Use It As A Potholder

If you lack the time, energy, or talent for carving and drilling, then you can simply arrange your pots over them. One of the greatest tall tree stump ideas is designing a vertical garden. You can do this by placing hooks and hanging plant pots around the stump. Paint or polish the stump afterwards to prevent it from deteriorating and causing the pots to fall.

There are many other DIY ideas for tree stumps. You can make decorative pieces, fairy houses, birdbaths, and garden lamps. All you need is a little imagination to turn your stump into an attractive and functional asset instead of being a source of worry. However, if the stump is causing harm to its surroundings, best let professional tree services take care of it.

For any type of tree maintenance or removal work, you can count on Tall Timbers Tree Services. Our experience and expertise can help guarantee that your trees or stumps will be a valuable part of your property, with the least possible risks. For a free consultation and no-obligation estimate, call Tall Timbers Tree Services on 0414 627 627 today.