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Does Your Tree Have a Dense Canopy? Here’s How Tree Trimming Kellyville Can Help

Trees like sunlight — they like it so much that they sometimes create too many leaves and branches in order to catch as much light as possible. This, unfortunately, can be counterproductive for the tree’s overall health as it stops light from reaching the lower limbs, which in turn decreases photosynthesis and creates other problems. Luckily, we can do something to help our trees through tree trimming Kellyville services.

How can I tell if my tree has a dense canopy?

Certain species of trees naturally have a dense canopy, such as shade trees. But the volume of the leaves and branches isn’t what you should be paying attention to; you should be looking at the amount of sunlight penetration, air circulation, and the strength of the limbs that are holding that heavy greenery.

If lower branches aren’t thickening or growing evenly, there may be a deficiency in the amount of light they’re receiving. Additionally, you should also prevent the branches from suffering too much strain due to the weight of the leaves. This is easy to spot. The branches will be weighed down noticeably, which means it may break easier during a storm. It’s important to trim down these areas of a tree to prevent storm damage and make it easier for the branches to hold the weight of any flowers and blooms that may come throughout the year.

Thinning Down Trees of Different Ages

The trimming needs of your tree will depend on how old it is compared to its average lifespan. This is because a tree’s growth rate also slows down the older it gets, and it won’t be as resilient to having its branches cut. Use the following guidelines when thinning down the canopy of different-aged trees:

For Young Trees

A relatively young tree can benefit from tree pruning Kellyville as long as you don’t remove more than 25% of its foliage. It’s a good way to train for stronger branch growth, which is essential for fruit- and flower-bearing trees. Overall, young trees are incredibly versatile, so cutting away a quarter of its leaves and branches should be safe as long as they’re healthy.

For Middle-Aged Trees

When trimming a middle-age tree, adjust to a cutting maximum of 20% of the entire foliage. You don’t want to over-trim it since it may not have such a vigorous growth rate and may end up with fewer leaves to receive sunlight. If you suspect the tree isn’t completely healthy, be more careful about cutting away branches as it may further impede its growth cycle.

For Fully Mature Trees

As a general rule of thumb, healthy trees in their full maturity don’t need a lot of trimming. Cutting away 10% of a tree’s foliage will suffice. That number goes down the less healthy a tree is. If the environmental conditions are also particularly challenging for the tree, such as if it’s in a drought-prone area, then it may not benefit from any trimming at all.

Get Rid of Canopy Overgrowth With Professional Tree Trimming Kellyville

If you have more than one tree on your property, caring for them will require considerable time and effort. But if you want them to achieve optimum growth and beauty, however, tree trimming and tree pruning are essential. Instead of worrying about how you can thin down your trees yourself, why not let an arborist Kellyville help? They even also offer tree removal and stump grinding, to help tidy up your yard. If you’re ready to get tree trimming Kellyville or would like answers to questions about tree care, we’d be happy to hear from you. Call Tall Timbers Tree Services for affordable rates and high-quality tree services today at 0414 627 627.