What Do Tree Surgeons Do

what do tree surgeons do

 What Do Tree Surgeons Do

Tree surgeons, more formally called arborists, perform tree surgery and other tasks relating to the management of new and old trees. They have a strong knowledge of various types of trees, with all the conditions and factors that affect their healthy growth. Tree surgeons also need strong physical endurance since the job demands various physical activities. They are expected to do taxing tasks such as climbing trees and manual digging. Furthermore, it is important for a tree surgeon to be proficient in using heavy-duty equipment and practice safety precautions.

So, what do tree surgeons do? Here, we will take a deeper look at what a tree surgeon does and the different roles they are expected to perform.

1. Inspection and Assessment

Before performing any physical work, the first thing a tree surgeon will do is carry out inspections and hazard assessments. They will properly assess the health of trees and identify potential dangers it can cause. This is an integral part of the job to determine what type of tree work needs to be completed. It will also help determine an estimate of cost, time, and disturbances that may ensue.

2. Pruning

As trees grow and get old, they will naturally go weak and decay eventually; their overall health will likely be at risk. When this happens, what does an arborist do? An arborist or tree surgeon will recognise dead or dying tree branches that need to be removed. They have the proper training and tools to climb the tree and remove these unhealthy branches. By pruning periodically, tree surgeons will help make the tree lighter and healthier. This technique also helps in saving the tree from collapsing, preventing the destruction of property and serious injuries. Pruning can be very dangerous as it will involve climbing to frightening heights and using heavy equipment while suspended high off the ground. Experienced tree surgeons will follow proper safety precautions to help prevent accidents and any uneventful occurrences.

3. Tree Felling

After careful inspection of a problematic tree, tree surgeons can determine if the tree can no longer be saved. At this point, they will proceed to tree felling. Cutting down a problematic tree will make way for a healthier, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Proper tree felling will require technical skills, proficient use of high powered equipment, and training that only qualified tree surgeons will possess.

4. Planting

Planting might seem like an easy job for anyone to perform. However, hiring a tree surgeon can guarantee your new tree’s successful and healthy growth. Aside from cutting diseased or dying branches and tree felling, some arborists can also help in planting trees. Most can recommend what type of plant is best for your location. Furthermore, they understand what must be done to ensure that a plant or new tree can thrive and grow healthily. Tree surgeons can give advice on the right types of trees to be planted in a certain location and what type of soil should be used. In this way, all the plants in one area can look beautiful and live harmoniously together.

5. Tree Care and Maintenance

Tree surgeons can expertly find the best remedy for various tree ailments. Aside from pruning, tree surgeons may also apply pesticides to damaged trees to improve their health. They can also assist in preparing and clearing sites before any new trees and plants are in place. This way, no existing plant diseases will be allowed to spread and cause damage. Furthermore, tree surgeons can also take care of unruly hedges and hideous stumps left after a tree has fallen. They can employ various techniques to improve a yard’s appearance while ensuring all the plants are healthy and hazard-free.

If you are looking for someone who can handle your yard with utmost care and expertise, find a tree surgeon or ‘arborist near me‘. You can easily find them online. Just be wary of uncertified ‘tree workers near me‘. It will be wise to demand credentials before hiring anyone to do work around your home.