What You Need To Know Before Removing a Tree From Your Property


Having lush green trees surrounding the property can immediately elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor area. You and your family can breathe fresh air and enjoy each other’s company while enthralling the scenic view of magnificently tall trees. To ensure the optimal condition and maintain the visual appeal of trees, you need to consider pruning. However, in some cases, you may have to remove trees completely from your property to avoid any casualties. Regardless of the case, it is imperative to know about the several laws and codes associated with any emergency tree removal in Sydney. Tree removal is regulated everywhere in NSW, and before removing a tree you need to consider several factors. Failing to identify these critical factors can cost you big time.

If you want to understand the NSW laws and codes surrounding tree removal, continue reading. We have explained all the necessary NSW laws and codes for tree removal to ensure better safety and help you avoid any hefty penalty.

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Reasons for a Tree Removal From Property

Residential homeowners should have a valid reason to remove a tree from their property. There are several reasons to cut, prune, or remove a tree from a property. However, it is crucial to note that you may or may not be able to complete the task. One of the primary reasons is rules and regulations imposed by the state and local council surrounding tree removal. The reason state and local councils emphasise such laws and codes surrounding tree removal is simply because there might be some trees that are incredibly rare or on the verge of extinction. Hence, it is the natural government that will take the preservation seriously.

Additionally, you also have to justify the reason to remove a tree from your property. Some common reasons for tree removal can be:

  • Dying or dead tree
  • A pestiferous and diseased tree
  • Incorrect plantation
  • Inconvenient position of the tree
  • For renovation purpose
  • For safety reasons

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Cost of Tree Removal

You might feel like picking up your electric chain saw and removing the tree yourself, but we don’t recommend this approach because you might unintentionally break some laws and codes. You should consider emergency tree services in Sydney and work with a tree removal specialist to complete the job. Besides, these tree removal professionals are equipped with the required tools to do the job safely and efficiently. The cost of tree removal services can vary depending on various factors such as location, removal difficulties, the distance, size and height of the tree, transportation charges, and more. Tree removal can cost you anywhere between $500 and $5000 depending on the mentioned factors.

Laws and Codes Surrounding Tree Removal or Pruning in NSW

Just because a tree exists on your property doesn’t mean you have the right to take any action. If you remove a protected tree from your property without seeking approval from the council, you will have to incur hefty fines. The rules regarding tree removal may differ from one council to another. However, each legislation surrounding tree removal in Sydney is backed by Local Environment Plans (LEPs) and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Generally, you will need approval from the council before removing any tree from your property. However, you can remove a tree that is protected by LEPs and TPOs, under the following circumstances:

  • Dead and damaged tree posing an immediate threat
  • Roots interfering utility lines and pipes of the property
  • Tree threateningly close to home
  • Declared pest tree
  • Creating boundaries or complications
  • Overhanging branches

If you are unsure whether the tree in your property is categorised as “protected” or need urgent tree services in Sydney, call us on 0414 627 627.