Why Do Trees Need To Be Removed

why do trees need to be removed

Having trees around your property has many advantages. Aside from being a beneficial part of the environment, they also add provide shade, attract wildlife, and contribute to your property’s overall aesthetics. This is why many homeowners plant trees in their yards and make tremendous efforts to keep them healthy. Most homeowners even find it necessary to enlist the services of a professional arborist to ensure that their trees are kept healthy and looking beautiful. However, despite constant care and maintenance, there are circumstances that require trees to be taken out. Why do trees need to be removed? Here are the common cases that require tree removal.

The Tree Is Dead

Sadly, after several healthy years, a tree is naturally bound to wither and die. When this happens, there is nothing left to do but remove it from your property. Dead trees pose a huge safety hazard and should be removed as quickly as possible. They will not be able to withstand storms and strong winds, and even the least harsh weather conditions could cause their branches to break off. In some of the worst cases, heavy rains and winds might even be enough to bring down an entire tree. And, when the dead tree or any of its lifeless branches fall, they will most likely create substantial damage to nearby structures and vehicles, not to mention injuries to people around it.

The Tree Is Unhealthy

Periodically, you will need to check your tree for signs of decay and disease. If a tree has a disease, it is crucial to have it treated by an expert tree surgeon before it’s too late. Unfortunately, some trees have already been severely infected and irreversible damage has already taken place. When your diseased tree is beyond saving, removing your tree right away is highly recommended. By doing this, you can prevent your tree from weakening until it dies. It will also prevent the spread of the disease to other trees and nearby plants.

The Tree Is Damaged By Natural Calamities And Accidents

Even healthy trees can succumb to damages brought by natural calamities and unforeseen accidents. Severe weather and natural catastrophes such as storms, hurricanes, and floods can potentially damage trees beyond repair. Lightning can also cause a tree to die in a blink of an eye. Some other sources like structures and vehicles hitting your tree during a storm, flood, or other accidents could also cause extensive damages to your tree. When this happens, it’s best to have your tree evaluated as soon as possible to see if it can still recover. If it has been badly affected, it will no longer serve its purpose and will soon die. At this point, there will be a strong need to remove the tree to keep it from being a threat.

The Tree Is Encroaching

Among the many good reasons to remove trees is when your tree is encroaching. When a tree is planted, it might seem to have enough room to grow and prosper. However, as it grows and gets more deeply rooted, it can cause unwanted effects to its surroundings. Branches could get entangled with phone and power lines. Its roots could grow below the foundation of your house and other structures. In some cases, your tree can even get into the property of your neighbour and other nearby buildings and roads. A tree that begins to create these problems is best removed to avoid further damage and potential lawsuits.

The Tree Is Becoming A Nuisance

Because change is inevitable, what once was a prized asset can turn into a nuisance. You may find yourself suddenly getting annoyed by the presence of what used to be a beloved tree. Its fallen dead leaves might make yard maintenance difficult and time-consuming. Its branches might start blocking the view from your bedroom window. Or, you might want to develop or build a structure on the land where your tree is rooted. To make way for your convenience and future plans, tree removal will be a sensible option.

Other Reasons

Aside from the above-mentioned points, why do trees need to be removed? There are many other reasons why you might need to remove your tree. You might have a personal disliking of a particular tree that has grown before you’ve moved into your property or your landscape specialist has recommended it to be taken out to make your plants look more harmonious. Whatever reasons might urge you to remove your tree, be sure to consult a certified arborist. They can properly evaluate your tree and perform a safe and legal method of tree removal and disposal.. And, if your beloved tree can still be saved, they will know how to bring them back to health.

If you are planning on removing a tree from your yard, get in touch with the professionals at Tall Timbers Tree Services. Our certified arborists have a deep knowledge of different tree species and can properly evaluate your tree and its surrounding areas. We can also give you sound judgment on when to cut down a tree on your property or if your tree can still be treated and saved. Moreover, we offer a variety of different tree services that will help ensure that your home is a comfortable, safe, and beautiful place for you to live in.