Why You Should Hire A Tree Surgeon

Why You Should Hire A Tree Surgeon

Why You Should Hire A Tree Surgeon Instead of Performing A DIY

Because of the many benefits, trees can provide in a commercial or residential property, proper tree care and maintenance are absolutely necessary. Trees need regular care and periodic checks to ensure that they are growing strong and healthy. Failure to give your tree the care or treatment it requires could cause it to weaken and eventually die. Then, turn itself into a liability you will need to remove from your property. To give your tree regular maintenance services, you can try to learn how to perform a DIY. You can also opt to hire tree services and delegate the work to highly trained and experienced tree surgeons. Some people consider DIYs because of the outright costs they will be saving. However, performing a DIY on a seriously diseased or damaged tree may be too dangerous for a beginner. Many cases involving tree-related accidents have resulted from improper tree work practices. It’s best to leave the job to someone who can properly assess the condition of your trees and give them the correct solutions. Read on to find out more about why you should hire a tree surgeon instead of performing a DIY.

1. They Are A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Tree Care Needs

For a regular homeowner, chances are you might not know what your tree truly really needs. You might think pruning will revive your diseased tree when it actually needs to be completely uprooted. There are several types of tree services a tree could require. Choosing the right ones for your trees can be hard, especially if you don’t know what signs to watch out for. A certified arborist or tree surgeon has the knowledge and years of experience to properly inspect and diagnose your tree. After identifying the problem, they can offer the right tree service to address your tree care needs. They can also provide a customised all-in-one solution to help your damaged tree, as well as all the other trees and plants in your lawn. Tree surgeons are a one-stop-shop for a variety of tree services such as crown reduction, tree pruning, hedge trimming, tree felling, stump grinding, etc.

2. They Have State-Of-The-Art Tools And Equipment

Using the right tools and equipment is very important when working on trees. It helps hasten the process and minimises the risk of physical injuries, reducing the stress of a tree worker. In most DIYs, homeowners work with the tools and equipment readily available in their tool shed. Unfortunately, common work tools may not be appropriate for tree work. By using incorrect tools, you can end up causing more damage to your tree or hurting yourself in the process. Tree surgeons carry the latest, state-of-the-art tools and equipment in arboriculture, ensuring a less risky and streamlined process of handling your trees. Moreover, tree experts know which specific tool will be necessary to complete a job and will know how to handle it correctly to avoid causing harm.

3. They Can Guarantee Safety And Security

Entrusting tree work to just anybody may lead to compromising your safety and security. Be wary of strangers coming up to you and offering their services after a storm. Many criminals are just looking for the right opportunity to enter your property and commit crimes. Even hiring plain workers may result in the destruction of your property and serious injuries. A reputable tree surgeon can guarantee safety and security. Their main objective is to ensure a successful job without causing any harm or damage to people and the area they are working on. If you are doing a DIY, there’s a possibility that things could go wrong. You might not be ready to face the consequences when your tree falls in the wrong direction. Moreover, tree companies can offer insurance for their work and you won’t be liable if the tree service causes damages and injuries. With a professional arborist, you can have complete peace of mind, as well as the results you are expecting.

Beyond these three reasons why you should hire a tree surgeon, they can also complete the work faster, clean up all the debris, and give tips to keep your garden healthy and beautiful. While it might cost a little higher than a DIY, all these benefits will surely be worth your money. Furthermore, you can focus on your own work and stop worrying about the welfare of your landscape and family while you are away.

If you are convinced that hiring a tree service is the right option for you, contact our experienced tree surgeons at Tall Timbers Tree Services. We can give you a sound assessment of your trees’ conditions and offer a variety of tree services. Best of all, we can ensure a safe and effective process of treating your trees. Call us today on 0414 627 627.