7 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be an unappealing presence in your backyard or garden. Apart from impacting the overall appeal of your property, they also pose a safety risk to your family and may ruin your landscaping efforts. 

Most tree stump removal services will help you know the benefits of tree stump removal. However, before opting for a company, ensure they carry out their services keeping the environment in mind. 

If you’ve been planning to remove a tree stump on your property, now is the time. Here are seven reasons to consider tree stump removal from your yard and how it can benefit your property in the long run.

1. Continuous additional tree growth

You might wonder if leaving the tree stump alone can be the ideal solution for you. However, that is not the case, as new shoots might continue to grow if the roots are healthy. Over time you will see that a new tree will grow through the nutrients present in your garden. The new tree may also become big enough to have larger trucks, which will be a more significant responsibility than a single stump.

2. Can cause damage to your property

There is a high chance that the stump roots will continue to grow. They can also damage the sidewalks and driveways by lifting the areas. It may also damage your home’s foundation. Another problem that can arise is that it can damage your underground pipeline system. If you have landscape features such as a pristine lawn or retaining walls, these roots may also damage such features.

3. Decay and disease

The stump and the roots may decay over time. There can be fungi and mould that grow on the stump or roots. These can be dangerous concerning one’s health. It may also spread diseases to other plants in the surroundings. Eventually, this will then disrupt your entire landscape area.

4. Pests

A rotted stump will increase the possibility of pests. In addition, there can be a stump that still has not started decaying which may act as a habitat for termites, ants and other insects. This will then add up to your costs if the termites and other insects make their way from the garden to your home.

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5. Space

Removing the stump will also mean you will have a clear space in your garden where you can carry out other activities. For example, you can have a seating area in your garden. You can also enhance the beauty of your landscape by adding a flower garden.

6. Curb appeal

As mentioned earlier, adding new elements to your garden will help you make the best use of the available space. It will also enhance the overall curb appeal. In addition, this will then increase your property’s value in the market. Therefore, it’ll provide you with a great deal in the future if you have to sell your house soon.

7. Maintaining the lawn

Maintaining the lawn is a complicated process. This process can get more complicated if you have to remove the grass from around the tree stump. Tree stumps can also give rise to new shoots, which require additional time and effort.

Grinding is a process through which you can effectively remove the tree stump. It also is a budget-friendly and quick alternative, depending on the size of the stump. Also, while carrying out the process, you should check if the process is eco-friendly. 

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