Common Reasons For Tree Removal

common reasons for tree removal

5 Most Common Reasons for Tree Removal

How wonderful it is to enjoy a beautiful home with a beautiful garden and majestic trees! Besides enjoying a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere, trees also give you shade, fruits, and clean air. However, a poorly maintained tree can become more dangerous rather than beneficial. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the trees growing on your property. This is why you need to provide proper care and maintenance for your trees and their surroundings. This includes regular tree pruning, disease treatment, and removing them safely when the need arises. Although it may be a difficult decision to make, some situations demand cutting down even the most beautiful and productive trees. Here are the 5 most common reasons for tree removal.

1. Dead Trees

The most obvious reason for tree removal is when they are dead. Lifeless trees should never be left on your property because, aside from looking unattractive, they become hazards to their surroundings. During storms and strong winds, their branches could easily break off and fall on cars, roofs, outdoor furniture, roads, and people. They also become a haven for vermin, pests, and other unwanted wildlife. Since you are no longer benefitting from a dead tree, best to have it removed from your yard before something terrible happens.

2. Diseased Trees

Although most tree diseases can easily be spotted and treated, some diseases fester and spread uncontrollably until it becomes more advanced and dangerous. This is why regular tree trimming and inspection is necessary. The earlier a disease has been identified, the sooner treatment can be applied. In this way, you not only save your trees but halt them from spreading to other plants in the area. Enlist the assistance of a professional tree surgeon to check on the status of your tree. They can help save your tree or tell you when removal is the wisest option.

3. Damaged Trees

One of the top reasons for tree removal is when they are damaged. Whether your tree has some broken branches from a recent storm or some other part has been severely damaged by another unprecedented catastrophe, it’s best to check if it can still be saved. Damaged trees usually become unsteady and hazardous if left alone. For minor damages, you can simply remove the dangerous limbs that might easily fall on your property. But, if your tree has been severely harmed, the wisest decision would be to completely cut it down.

4. Trees in A Bad Location

Growing trees near structures, indigenous plants, and utility lines is never a good idea. Although you might not be able to tell how large your tree will grow upon planting, you need to allocate some room for it to grow. Check the usual size of your tree species to give it the space it needs. However, if your tree has grown into nearby buildings, utility lines, or taking the nutrients away from surrounding plants, chances are your tree will become a problem and may need to be removed.

5. Trees in The Way of Construction

As your family grows, you might also need to expand your home. Oftentimes, trees get in the way of construction. You have to carefully determine the entire size of the structure you are building to find out if you need to remove your tree. Remember that you not only need to remove the trees growing into the land you are planning to utilise, but you also need to get rid of trees that will be growing too close to the new edifice you are building. Also, consider having enough space to accommodate machinery and staging areas needed to complete the construction. The last thing you need is damaged materials and injured workers because of a fallen tree branch.

The above list of common reasons for tree removal should help you decide whether your tree needs to remove. However, be sure to check with a tree care specialist. They can easily identify a common tree problem, provide the required tree services, and give sound recommendations on keeping your trees strong and beautiful. Additionally, they can give you a thorough description of council regulations on trees and tree removal. They can help you secure a tree removal permit if your locality requires it and support your good reasons to remove trees from your property.

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