Is It Necessary For Tree Loppers To Be Qualified?

A person responsible for cutting trees should have extensive knowledge about the process and consider the health of the tree before cutting the tree. Also, they should cut down the trees so that they don’t damage your property. Thus you should only opt for a reliable service provider for such a task. However, the year of experience and qualification the tree loppers have about tree lopping in Sydney matters a lot. Choosing a novice  arborist providing tree-lopping services in Sydney may cost you a fortune. Read the below-given points to understand why qualification matters when choosing a tree lopper.

What is the main difference between tree loppers and arborists?

People often use the words tree loppers and arborists interchangeably. That should not be the case as both are different from each other. Arborists must undergo specialised training in climbing, pruning, and removing trees. They are also a part of the Queensland Arboriculture Association or the nationwide Arboriculture Australia. On the other hand, tree loppers do not require such qualifications and training procedures. 

Several states have laws and regulations for cutting down trees. Also, various safety measures should be considered when cutting trees. Thus, you should not carry out the task of cutting trees alone. Only an experienced and qualified arborist can do such a task for you.

How much safety does a tree lopper provide?

Many tree loppers carry out their tasks along with professional arborists. Some tree loppers do not have the insurance and qualifications that an arborist usually has. The process of cutting trees is also very complicated. It is not limited to simply cutting the tree and letting it fall. 

For example, in the case of branch work, a tree lopping service in Sydney may not cut the entire branch. The tree may continue to grow back. However, a trusted arborist follows the Australian Standard AS4373 and all the rules and regulations set to know the accepted standard for pruning the trees. 

An arborist also understands and studies the health of the trees to help them carry out tree maintenance activities effectively. 

Tree loppers can damage the health of the trees

Tree loppers usually cut the branches of the trees and remove the leaves indiscriminately. They usually remove 50% to 100% of the foliage, which is not the right thing to do. Thus, removing such a source can starve the trees.

The cost associated with tree loppers and arborists

The cost of tree loppers seems less on paper. Thus, you will have to call a tree lopper frequently. In the long run, you will call a tree lopper more than you want thus increasing the overall cost of tree maintenance. Similarly, incorrect tree lopping may damage the structure. However, this is not the case with the arborist, as they require fewer visits as compared to tree loppers. Also, with the help of an arborist, you may boost curb appeal.

For safe and effective results, you should work with professional arborists as have extensive knowledge and experience in tree cutting. It is always better to be safe than sorry, thus, contact our reliable arborist supplies in Sydney to get the best results. Our emergency tree services in Sydney will provide you with immediate assistance in case of any sudden tree fall. For more information, reach out to us!