The Truth of Dead Wooding Service That You Need to Know Today

Dead Wooding Service

The Truth of Dead Wooding Service That You Need to Know Today

Dead wooding service is a very significant process that arborists do. It is to preserve a dying tree and protect everything that surrounds it. However,  restoring it are not always the end result. The primary benefit of hiring a trusted professional tall timbers tree services contractor can prevent or at least minimise the contingencies and hazards.

In this article, we aim to define dead wooding and its causes, educate about the significance of trees and signs when it’s dying. In this way, you will get a comprehensive understanding of every factor that is involved with dead wooding service.

So as aforementioned, this kind of tree services primarily aims to preserve. But in a greater reflection, the past 200,000 years that we walked the earth proved that it is apparent and critical…

Human Paradox

Every heroes that came and went during the span of our existence brought upon every effort to preserve everything that holds significance to our species. But then anyone of us can willingly admit that preservation is not always our strong suit. Why? Because most of our means to survive causes harm to everything around us.

Even the greatest values that raised us as a race namely science, development, order and civilization brought upon many deaths, abuse to the environment, extinction to some species, destruction, and etc. No matter how hard we try to make good, our primal nature is always all about taking things for ourselves. Conversely, this primal nature is not totally alien to every other species in the animal kingdom. So, we can’t really rule ourselves out as the only villain in the biography of our world. It’s just that, being the most intelligent species as we are, we have the most ability to do the worst.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with our means of survival. The damage we often cause has a deserving purpose in behind. We need to supply for our own good. As a matter of fact, our very own taking from nature is part of the balance. But we only need to ensure that we do not tip the scales of natural balance to a point that it is fatal.

There are people who study tree physiology and proper tree care services such as dead wooding service. They can help preserve trees especially those that are near to the point of death. If you have a one in your yard, give us a call so that we can diagnose properly and implement the right method of saving it.  And,

Save Trees with Dead Wooding Service

In fact, most of us would just attempt to take care of the problem on our own. We do not often realise that the wrong methods of dealing with a dead wood can actually cause more harm than good. So, the best approach is to contact a reliable arborist to take care of the problem.

Having said that, let’s further understand the subject by defining it. So,

What is dead wooding?

It is the primary symptom of a dying tree. Branches and limbs start to die out inside causing fragility and vulnerability to the affected branches. These parts can become contagious and may affect the overall health of the tree. In fact, they are a primary threat especially when there is strong winds or storm. Hence, it’s the main reason why most storm damaged trees have heaps of dead woods. Such damages are really dangerous to everything that surrounds it. Thus, when such case is reported, an expert would diagnose whether dead wooding service can actually save it or if it needs an imminent removal. Aside from that, there are also many other causes of dead or dying trees. In fact, there are:

5 Common Causes of Trees Dying

Truthfully, there are more than a handful of reasons why they die out but here are the major causes. The very first one is a great example of our very own paradox—

1. Development

This is pretty obvious. The proof can be seen both at a macro and micro level. Apparently, as humanity explore more of what science can offer or even make more means to survive in its own habitat, oftentimes, we tip the natural balance of things. All for a greater cause, but greater catches are inevitable too. As we aim to develop our own properties, we often damage natural assets whether on purpose or not. Another probable cause could be…

2. Diseases and Pests

Either naturally or due to an adverse environment, diseases are part of a tree’s biological pattern. And it gets worst when pests start living or feeding on them. It can infect not just the trees surrounding them but also the other life forms near their vicinity. But ultimately, the worse of all that we fear, it can lead trees to death. Also, did you know that sometimes, dead wooding is caused by…

3. Natural and Unnatural Events

Storms, hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquake and every other calamity can affect a tree’s vitality if not totally kill them. Even unnatural events caused by men which have a disastrous and a huge area of effect can destroy them. Slight breakage of roots, branches and stems, can actually cause diseases. It also includes fragility, breakage and the eventual death of the tree. Aside from that, there is…

4. Age

Like us, they also age. And this is less fatal for trees, but just like us, they also need proper treatment as they are dying too. Otherwise, they are prone to pests and diseases. The worst catch to it is that often times—especially for some specific species, they do not die immediately and even try to gain new life. As beautiful as that sounds, more often than not, this is bad than good.

Now, for our final item, we have…

5. Harvesting

Trees give us raw materials as means for our survival. And again, there is nothing against that. It’s part of the paradox that we need to ensure that we have our means of control too. But bear in mind, we should never let our own greed be the cause of the greater damage. Because when we do, especially if we do not really have the adequate knowledge on how to harvest properly, we can cause its damage.

These causes are inevitable. There is no way to totally eliminate them from the equation. But there is a way to minimise most of them. Or if you can’t really help them from affecting your trees’ health at least you have to get them checked by professional arborists as soon as you find symptoms. In this way, they can immediately perform dead wooding service. Now, from this, you may ask…


How to Tell When A Tree Is Dying?

If there’s a tree in your yard that is not how it used to be, like its losing its vitality e.g. lost its colour, branches are more fragile, etc., reassess its condition. There is a great possibility that it is dying. However, you can confirm whether this is true by looking into more symptoms of a dying tree.

1. Spotted Leaves

Decolourisation of leaves is natural according to the season. Otherwise, then your tree is showing signs of poor health. Once you start seeing this symptom and many more, contact a reliable arborist immediately to perform dead wooding service.

2. Abnormal Falling of Leaves

Well, this is apparently the next step to dying leaves. They fall and eventually die out. If you notice this happen in a vast region of your tree especially when it’s off season, then it’s a strong indication that it is dying.

3. Fungi All Around

After years of dead wooding service, we noticed fungi is always the most common indicator of a dying tree. Because by itself it can be considered as a disease and needs to be cured immediately.

4. Damaged Branches

A damaged branch is mostly where dead wooding service is applied. It gets more obvious as more and more branches keep falling off randomly from your tree. Immediate dead wooding service is highly recommended especially if this occurrence becomes a usual thing. It poses a great danger to your property and everyone around it.

5. Damage on the Roots

A damage on roots can affect the overall physiology of the tree. If the said damage has been there for a long time then more likely, it’s already killing your tree. It gets even trickier since most of the roots are submerged underground.

Taking care of your trees is apparently an act of preservation of life. And although it is established that we are bound with a paradox which is part of nature, it is our responsibility to make efforts to make amends to our environment. You can start by making sure that the right processes such as dead wooding service are done to your dying tree. After all, trees hold too much significance to us as species to be disregarded.  And not only to us but to every living form in the world.

Did this article bring you a better understanding?

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