Dead Wooding Service

The Truth of Dead Wooding Service That You Need to Know Today

Causes Of Dead Wood and When To Call A Dead Wooding Service

Dead wooding is a significant part of tree maintenance. Not only does it help save a tree’s life but also ensures the safety of people, plants, and objects around it. However, when done using the wrong methods, dead wooding can hurt the tree more and create problems on your property. The only way to make sure it doesn’t cause any harm is by hiring a professional dead wooding service. With experienced arborists from Tall Timbers Tree Services, you can prevent hazards and improve your tree’s health and appearance. In this article, we will talk about dead wooding, its causes, and the signs it’s time to call a dead wooding service.

What Is Dead Wooding?

As its name suggests, dead wooding is the removal of deadwood from a tree. Deadwood is the principal sign that the tree is dying. When left connected to the tree, deadwood could affect the tree’s overall health and hasten its natural decline. Dead branches could also cause injuries and damages to its surroundings when it suddenly falls off and hits people and things below them. It doesn’t take a big storm to blow away dead branches, even the slightest wind can manage to break it off because they are too weak to hold on to the tree.

A dead wooding service can check the condition of your tree and remove its dead branches to bring it back to health and prevent it from becoming a threat to everything that surrounds it. They can also tell you if the tree is beyond saving and when it’s time to completely remove it from your property. Below are the causes of deadwood and signs that indicate you need to call a dead wooding service.

5 Causes Of Deadwood

1. Tree Age

As a tree gets older, its limbs and branches will slowly begin to grow weak until they die. It is a natural process of their life cycle. Like humans, they undergo many phases and their life spans are different from each other. Some can live for thousands of years while others could be dead after fifteen. For trees in residential areas, fifty years could be too long, depending on the type of tree and the factors in its environment.

2. Lack Of Nutrients

Deadwood could also be caused by a lack of nutrients, which is quite common for trees growing in suburban areas where sunlight and water may not be evenly distributed. One part of the tree might be under a big structure that’s blocking off the sun, or it might be planted on soil with insufficient moisture. When trees don’t get enough nutrients, their branches will start dying until the entire tree can no longer survive.

3. Catastrophic Events

More often than not, storms, hurricanes, and other catastrophic events bring permanent damage to trees. The same happens during manmade disasters where a large area is affected. Tree branches and stems could be stripped off and the structural integrity of the tree could be affected. This will cause the fragility, breakage, and eventual death of the tree.

4. Animal Infestation

When large populations of animals such as squirrels or birds live on a tree, they cause damages to its parts. Some of them even feed on tree barks, trunks, and branches that will eventually kill the tree. Other than that, when deadwood is already present, it attracts pests and insects which will even make it harder for the tree to survive.

 5. Tree Diseases

Trees rarely survive diseases that have spread to most of their parts. These diseases attack the tree’s leaves, roots, and bark, causing damage to its vascular system if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

And, when the tree’s vascular system is compromised, it will lead to the decline and, in time, the death of the tree.

When To Call A Dead Wooding Service

You cannot stop a tree from dying. However, there are things you can do to prolong its life. One way you can prevent situations that will hasten a tree’s death is by hiring a dead wooding service. By removing dead parts of your tree, you can give it a better chance of having a longer and healthier life. You’ll also be able to avoid untoward incidents that may be caused by dead branches falling from your tree. Although you can try a DIY, only a professional can guarantee safety and efficiency on the job.

Some indications that should prompt you to call a dead wooding service include missing tree barks, lack of leaf drops, and an increase of pests, insects, and animals around the tree. However, you don’t need to wait until you see these signs. Some tree problems are can only be detected by qualified arborists who have the knowledge, training, and experience. Hiring a professional to inspect your trees before something unfortunate happens can save you a lot of time, money, and energy, as well as keep you away from injuries, stress, and heartbreak.

Do you need help removing dead branches from your tree? Hire the certified arborists at Tall Timbers Tree Services! Our seasoned tree care experts can help bring your trees back to life by identifying fragile and dead branches and cutting them off your trees. We also offer other tree maintenance work such as tree pruning, trimming, and treatment of tree diseases. And, when there’s no longer an option for improving your tree’s health, we can completely remove them to prevent dangers on your property. Talk to our friendly professionals and get a free quote from Tall Timbers Tree Services today by calling us on 0414 627 627.