Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

When To Call An Emergency Tree Service

Trees can be gravely affected by sudden and extreme weather changes. When strong winds and torrential storms hit, major branches may be broken, foliage can be sheared off, and the trunk may be shredded. Trees have an amazing ability to heal their own wounds. But, when the damage is so severe, they might require immediate pruning or removal. Since their structure might be compromised, leaving damaged trees on your property could only lead to horrific consequences.

The weather in Sydney can go from hot and sunny one day to wet and stormy the next. If you have trees on your property, you need the right solutions to prevent the dangers they may bring after a disaster. This is why it’s important to learn how to spot the indications that your tree could be a hazard. Not only will this help you cope with the aftermath of a disaster, but also help you place preventive measures before the next massive storm arrives. Below are the signs that you need emergency tree service.

Unusual Leaningemergency tree service

If you notice your tree leaning in one direction, particularly over utility lines and structures, consult a certified arborist right away. Your trees might be in danger of shifting weight on one side and suddenly toppling over any time. As a rule, if you find your tree leaning about 15% from vertical, it’s time to call emergency tree services.

Decaying Roots

Root damage and decay is a sign that the structural support system of your tree may be compromised. If neglected, your tree could topple over when a strong gust of wind blows by. Consequently, your tree could hit people, objects, or any structure on its way to hitting the ground. If you are suspicious of any visible root damages you see, get emergency tree services to assess it.

Close To Power Lines

When wet tree foliage gets hit by a storm, it could hit electrical wires and ground out. This could result in a power failure and damages in your home or neighbourhood. If you find your tree getting dangerously close to power lines, seek the services of professional tree care experts. Do not attempt to prune these trees on your own or hire just any tree lopping services. Safely cutting down hazardous trees and branches takes extensive training and experience and should only be done by emergency tree services.

Dead Branches

Seeing dead branches on your tree is also a sign you need help from tree care specialists. Dead branches are extremely perilous and need to be removed right away. They are no longer able to resist harsh weather and strong winds could quickly send them crashing into people or property. Moreover, if one side has more dead branches, your tree might have a structural problem, and could suddenly fall in bad weather.

Hollow Or Cracked Trunk

The trunk is the main support system for the tree, so when they’re damaged, the tree’s health could be compromised. A tree can survive with some degree of hollowing out. But, if one-third of your tree trunk is hollow, it could mean it is no longer structurally sound. So do visible cracks, cavities, and chipped-off barks. When you see any of these signs on your tree’s trunk, call a reliable Sydney tree services company as soon as possible.

Strong winds, storms, and disasters often catch us when we are least prepared. Emergency tree services can help you remove a fallen tree after it has caused some damage. However, it’s better to call them before your trees have caused problems. Watch out for these signs to make sure your property will be safe from tree-related dangers amidst harsh weather.

If you believe your trees need to be inspected or removed immediately, call our certified arborists at Tall Timbers Tree Services. We can perform emergency tree removal Sydney and make sure you and your family will stay safe from hazardous trees when the next disaster strikes.