How Can You Remove A Tree Without Violating Any Laws?

Do you find that the tree in your backyard is hindering you from transforming your outdoor space? Are you looking for a legal way to remove a tree? Is your tree a part of environmental heritage?

To remove a tree that is recognised as an Environmental Heritage Item or is on a Significant Tree Register, you must submit a Development Application (DA). This is because these trees are significant in terms of the landscape, history, function, and botanical and indigenous notability.

All other complete tree removals and pruning can be done with a permit that has been issued by your local municipality. Within the Greater Sydney region, each municipality has its own Tree Management Development Control Plan (DCP), which lays out the guidelines for tree trimming and removal.

What to do before removing a tree?

Cutting trees or tree removal in Sydney requires far more effort than simply taking up an axe and chopping away. Regulations for trees restrict the wilful removal or destruction of trees on private property. And depending on where you reside, the penalty for breaking these laws might be anywhere from mild to severe. Thus, even if a tree belongs to you, you might not have the legal authority to take it down.

If you wish to cut down a tree on your land, you need to follow the list of instructions below.

Have the tree inspected by an arborist.

Before beginning the application for removal, it is essential to have a tree professional inspect the tree. Owners of trees may unintentionally overstate or incorrectly characterise a tree’s condition as necessitating removal, which authorities may later retract upon inspection. In the following circumstances, local officials are more likely to give permits for tree removal:

  • A dying tree
  • A diseased or dying tree.
  • Trees with bed bug problem.
  • Trees that are intruding on sidewalks and home foundations, or those that are growing close to electrical lines.
  • A tree that is crooked or dangerously leant.
  • During the hot, dry months, trees that drop too many leaves or other debris might pose a fire risk.

Determine whether the tree is on your property.

You are not allowed to remove trees that are growing on your neighbour’s land under Australian tree rules. Many states have laws governing conflicts between neighbours over trees, particularly when someone chops down a tree on someone else’s property. The fact that authorities do not permit cutting down your neighbour’s tree should be acknowledged.

Find out the tree removal regulations in your local council.

Tree removal laws in all Australian councils are based on the following techniques:

  • Prescribed lists
  • Heritage or indigenous value
  • Aesthetic worth.
  • Tree height.
  • Tree diameter.

Most Australian councils have a noteworthy registry or historic tree list. To cut a tree that is listed or registered on such a list or register, you often need development approval. In contrast, if a tree is protected by a development control plan, you need a permit before cutting it down.

Apply for a permit

For the removal of a tree on your property, you can submit a written or online application to the council. Different permits are required for different tree removal applications. For an application to be accepted, it must include a valid argument and the necessary supporting records:

  • A report on tree risk assessment.
  • A report showing potential harm to a structure, be it a building or another.
  • A copy of the building permit.
  • The report on the tree’s medical certificate describes its health.
  • Other paperwork.

Employ an arborist to remove the tree.

If you live in a place where an arborist doesn’t need a licence to practise, hiring one for tree cutting services in Sydney can be difficult. However, a knowledgeable and qualified arborist should have the following credentials:

  • Insurance for workers’ compensation or responsibility for property damage to clients.
  • A Certificate II in Horticulture for climbing and groundwork
  • Horticulture Certificate III for supervising work.

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