trimming trees

Tips in Trimming Trees

Importance of Trimming Trees

Trimming trees is the process of removing some parts of the tree branches. This is an effective way to maintain its natural distinct shape. Recreated forms are essential for landscaping purposes. It favours your garden and backyard into more attractive and neat scenery. 

A good proportion branch is the very first benefit that trimming trees has.  It promotes fruit and flower bearing trees to grow in good health and flourishment. This is considered a preventive measure to avoid problems such as hazards caused by dead branches that fall off. Obstructive lower branches and unwanted growing ones should be cleared. This helps lessen severe accidents to passers or vehicles.

The best season to trim is during the dormant season. Pathogens are dormant during that time. This is one way to minimize the risk of pests invasion. Thus, avoiding fungi infection in tree wounds and cuts that lead to decaying of a tree.

Take note that tree trimming should start while the tree is young. To the fact that it is crucial to encourage the tree to develop a form with a strong structure.  Moreover, proper trimming should be done about 18 inches from the branch collar or bark ridge. Furthermore, the branch collar contains the trunk tissue where callus tissues from that seal wounds. In trimming young trees cut only those branches that are crossing damaged or diseased.  In order to raise the crown, cut only the lower branches that grow towards the ground.

trimming trees

There are several common ways in trimming ground trees.

  • Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches for a better light penetration and air circulation in the crown.
  • Crown raising is the removal of obstructive lower branches of a tree. This provides clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, lawns, sidewalks etc.
  • Crown reduction is a removal of large branches at the top. This reduces tree’s height preventing it from reaching electrical lines and posts. It is the least preferable trimming tree practice.
  • Crown clearing is simply the removal of infected, diseased and decaying branches of a tree

Above all, keep in mind that trimming largely grown trees are risky especially when working high above the ground. Find out why you need tree trimming or tree pruning in your area.