Tree Cutting Services in Hornsby

Tree Cutting Services Hornsby

When To Hire Tree Cutting Services Hornsby

Hornsby is home to many properties that are filled with beautiful and beneficial trees. However, these trees cannot live and grow forever. When they turn into dangers instead of valuable resources, your trees will have to be removed as soon as possible. However, cutting trees is a labour-intensive and risky task that could lead to frightening consequences if done incorrectly. To make sure the job is done right, you need to hire professional tree cutting services Hornsby. Tree removal costs in Australia may seem high, but the service you are getting will be worth it. But, how do you know when it’s time to call for Hornsby tree services? Continue reading to find out.

What Is A Tree Cutting Service?

Although many people think tree cutting is the removal of tree limbs and branches, it is actually the removal of a tree from its stump by chainsaw. Tree cutting is a highly dangerous process that involves wood chips flying everywhere and branches scattered out across the yard. It should be done by licensed professionals who possess the knowledge and experience to perform the job safely and efficiently.

When To Hire Tree Cutting Services Hornsby

If you love having trees on your property, the last thing you want is to remove them. Unfortunately, some situations call for trees to be cut down and there’s nothing else that you can do. Keeping a problematic tree is just not worth the risk of putting your family and home in harm’s way. Here are the situations which may require you to hire tree cutting services Hornsby:

1. Signs Of Infection

If you see crown dieback, cracks, misshapen or discoloured leaves, soft flaky wood, emergence holes, and fungi on your tree’s trunk or branches, this could mean your tree is infected. Diseased trees should be removed immediately, especially when they turn severe. If left on your property, infected trees could fall and cause damages or injuries. They could also start infecting other trees and cause more destruction to your property. The best thing to do is hire a professional arborist and have them check the status of your tree. They will know if your tree can still be treated and saved, or if it’s finally time to say goodbye.

2. Dead Branches On The Tree’s Crown

Large, dead branches on top of your tree are often called widow-makers. This is because they can easily fall at the slightest gust of wind and cause serious injury or damage to people and things below. If 50 percent or more of the tree is dead or damaged, it becomes more of a danger than an asset on your property. You’d be wise to get help in removing it as quickly as possible before it causes harm and irreversible damages.

3. The Tree’s Structural Integrity Is Compromised

Large visible wounds, cracks or splits, and dead branch stubs on your tree’s trunk signify internal decay and structural problems. The same goes if your tree is suddenly leaning to one side. While many trees can live for many years with internal decay and not all leaning trees are dangerous, there’s no telling when their structural issues could get the best of them. You never know when they might fall, causing a potential risk to people and things around your property. If you see that the structural integrity of your tree is compromised, that should be enough reason to call tree cutting services Hornsby. If your tree doesn’t need to be cut down, tree experts will at least provide the right treatments to strengthen your tree.

4. Growth Near Utility Lines And Structures

A tree that is growing dangerously close to utility lines or building structures can become a hazard and should be removed, or at least pruned, right away. To be safe, large trees should be no closer than 20 feet away from a house, building, or utility line. Any closer than that, you’d have to call tree cutting services Hornsby. Never attempt to correct the situation on your own. While pruning branches close to your home might seem harmless enough, doing it without the right equipment and adequate know-how could lead to more damage than good.

Tree cutting is a complex, labour-intensive, and highly dangerous job. It should only be carried out by professional tree surgeons that are skilled and experienced at safely removing trees. Attempting a DIY might be tempting, but if done improperly, you could end up spending thousands in repairs, damages, and medical expenses. Also, keep in mind that the cheapest tree removal service doesn’t mean it will be a successful one. Make sure you work with reliable and licensed arborists who can do things safely and correctly.

At Tall Timbers Tree Services, we offer you a safe and efficient way of cutting trees. Our professional arborists are trained to spot any tree problems and will know the right treatments to bring your trees back to health. And, when it’s time to remove your tree, our tree experts will use the proper methods to complete the job without causing any harm to themselves and your property. And, in case an accident does happen, our tree services come with insurance so you won’t have to worry about expensive losses and liabilities. Furthermore, we also offer tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, and other services to keep your trees healthy and attractive.