Things to consider before doing tree cutting services Ryde

Tree Cutting Services Ryde

Things to consider before doing tree cutting services Ryde

Tree cutting services Ryde is not a task to be taken neglectfully. One has to take some cautions before jumping into a decision especially in Ryde, a city that takes pride in its rehabilitation programs to natural assets.

There is nothing wrong if you need to cut a tree in your yard to develop your home. But cutting trees can also bring along some dangers to you, the environment and even to the team that will handle tree cutting services Ryde. These dangers can cause extreme damage and may lead to further expenses on your part. Now, it’s perfectly relatable that you may want to do the process on your own. But cutting trees especially big trees is not a process to be taken lightly. You need to consider the risks involved. Or to make it easier for your part, hire a team that are fully aware of these risks and are fully trained to handle them. Instead of doing it on your own, professional arborists can also help advise you regarding city regulations about tree preservation.

Furthermore, the city of Ryde has tree preservation plans that you will need to take into account. Before deciding to cut your tree, ensure that there are no fees, approval, and any other necessary paperwork that needs to be accomplished first.

Now, to give you an idea of the dangers in cutting trees and might as well as the tree management processes of Ryde. We will discuss the dangers of cutting down trees. As well as the information that you need to know about Ryde’s tree preservation plan.

4 Dangers during tree cutting services Ryde

1. Electric Cables

Cutting trees where there are electric cables nearby is extremely dangerous. The arborist team might as well assume that all the cables are live. If in any way the work will hit a power line, it may lead to power disruption for the rest of the neighbourhood. And may electrocute a member of the team even before that. Because, in contrasts to everyone else’s assumption, the black coating enclosing the cable apparently is not for insulation. But instead merely for weatherproofing. Ergo, can cause extreme damage to anyone near the site. Having established that, the best and safest solution for you is to hire an experienced tree cutting services Ryde team. They know this danger very well. In fact, they are trained to handle this type of situations.

2. Inappropriate Tools

Professionals equip themselves appropriately for the task. They are also well trained in handling equipment like chainsaws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers. If you will be cutting the tree on your own, or maybe hire untrained people, at least ensure that they have protective gears and are also knowledgeable in using the right tools. Otherwise, then you might as well just hire professionals. This is to avoid contingencies during and after the task.

3. Weak or Dying Trees

Either you are looking to cut down weak or dying trees, or you are doing tree pruning service. Weak or dying trees are extremely fragile. Cutting them down is highly dangerous. That is because they’ve long lost stability. On some occasions, arborists may need to use cranes just to have them removed. This is to minimise any damage that the task may incur. If the tree that you are seeking to cut is either dead or dying, then you better just hire expert tree cutting services Ryde. They are knowledgeable on critical tree biology. And thus, have more ability in making an assessment on the task at hand.

4. Gravity Pull

As the process of cutting trees progressed, branches and twigs fall. And pretty much the tree itself. There is no stopping that. In fact, that was the whole idea after all. But then, it takes certain expertise in getting them to fall accordingly without causing damage.

Now that, we finished discussing the dangers. Let’s go over to some things you need to know about cutting trees in Ryde.

What do you need to know about Tree cutting services Ryde?

Ryde’s Urban Forest Management

The city imposes a Development Control Plan 2014 Part: 9.5 Tree Preservation. Where Ryde’s urban forestry is part of a development plan. And specific species of trees are under a protection. So, before cutting down your trees. Might as well refer to the city council to seek advice whether or not you will need to acquire any paperwork necessary in cutting your trees.


In general, you will not be able to cut down trees unless either the tree is not protected, or you are able to secure a permit to cut it down. Failure to comply may lead to penalties or you may be forced to plant a new tree or vegetation and then tend to it.

  • The tree does not reach 5 metres in height or the trunk’s circumference does not reach 150 mm at 1.4 metres then you will not need an approval in cutting it.
  • If the tree belongs to pest species
  • Your reason is considerable enough
  • If the tree needs to be cut for emergencies
  • Also, if it would be for the tree’s best interest
  • Please refer to guides in tree management for more information

Trees bring value to the society. And they maintain balance to nature too. It is important to preserve them. After securing approval to cut your trees (if needed). Then it would be best to hire expert tree cutting services Ryde to further ensure safety and quality work.

Need tree cutting services Ryde today?

Apparently, cutting down trees is quite a process. It would be best to start the process early. And book an appointment with Tall Timbers Tree Services, we guarantees efficient work. So, call us today for enquiries and appointments. You can reach us at 0414 627 627.

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