Tree pruning service Strathfield

Tree Pruning Service Strathfield

Facts You Never Knew About Tree Pruning Service Strathfield

For the most part, the main goal of tree pruning service Strathfield is to make your trees look better. Just as tree lopping service does. But then, this process doesn’t always go one way. There are certain facts that you may never know yet when it comes to tree pruning service Strathfield.

Pruning gives trees better aesthetics. But to get that, you need to use the right method of pruning. Each type of tree pruning service Strathfield has their own end results. It is best to learn their differences first before jumping to decisions.

Now, as clients and owners of your property, it is understandable if you have already decided how pruning should be done on your trees. However, you will need to consider that trees are living organisms. They grow according to their own respective biology. It takes real expertise in anticipating outcomes and results. With our service, we guarantee to take your aspirations with high regard when we do the process for you.

On the other hand, if at this stage you are still deciding on the matter. Then this article is Eureka for you! This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the projected end results of each pruning types. Moreover, this will greatly help you in selecting the right pruning method for your trees.

Fret not though, it’s not that much rocket science for you. So, below are:

4 types of pruning that you can do for your trees

1. Pruning Dead Branches

This type of Tree Pruning Service Strathfield is surprisingly the least used method of all pruning trees. It involves the selection and removal of dead, dying, and diseased branches. Moreover, this method is commonly known as the “Crown Cleaning”. This is very important for your tree especially if it is already old. It’s just a question of “when” rather than “if” when it comes to the danger that dead branches may bring to you or your property. They can either fall to the streets where they can damage many bypassers. Or they spread plant disease to other trees and shrubs in your yard. Although for the record, the selection of branches to be removed is not often extensive.

2. Thinning Tree Pruning Service Strathfield

If pruning dead branches is more centred on overall safety and well-being of the tree, thinning could be the one method you are mostly after. This method is more focused on the aesthetics of the tree, especially young trees. This method aims to spread the canopy. To aim for a wider base-umbrella-like shape, the branches will be cut strategically. This method is also called “crown thinning”.

Furthermore, aside from the aesthetic purpose it also has health benefits for your trees. Widened canopy improves air and light penetration. It also lightens diseased limbs.

3. Raising the Canopy

Raising the canopy would best benefit trees that are near from properties. If your house or any construction in your property is affected by the growth of your trees, then this method is for you. We will simply remove the limbs and branches in the lower portion of the canopy. In this way, we will hit two birds with one stone. This will secure your safety and at the same time taking care of your tree’s well-being.

4. Reducing the Mass

Reducing the mass sounds straightforward enough. But the truth is, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The big idea is to lessen the mass of large limbs or even the height and size of the whole tree. But doing this process requires expertise on the tree’s biology as well as a strategy. So, that after you remove the mass of the limb or tree, it would still retain sufficient support and balance. This is why this method is most recommended only for young trees. Because selective reduction may not work on mature ones. Might as well just remove the whole limb. Moreover, reducing the mass also aims to preserve healthy growth. As well as to lessen the chance of decay at the pruning cut.

Tall timbers trees services are all experts in all these methods of pruning your trees. We are capable of enhancing your trees while at the same time securing your tree’s health. Combination of the above methodologies is also possible for the team especially if you aspire customisation. Our team will talk with you and assess the best methods for your tree’s requirements and as well as your own aspirations.

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