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Want a Picture-Perfect Garden? A Tree Surgeon Can Help

Having a beautiful-looking garden is something anyone can appreciate. To be greeted by a picturesque view as you step out of your home puts an extra spring in your step, and helps you start your day better. But a lot of work goes into creating and maintaining a beautiful garden, including pruning your trees. If you’ve never considered hiring a tree surgeon to help you tackle your tree situation, now may be the time to do it.

Tree management is more complicated than you think

Huge trees may look nice to have on your lawn, but they’re incredibly challenging to maintain. If you don’t approach it right, you may even end up hurting someone, including yourself.

The same is true if you have a large property with plenty of shrubs, plants, and tall trees growing everywhere. For your kids, it’s paradise on earth to run through the greenery. But bear in mind that unmaintained trees and plants can become infested, start to die, and eventually pose a safety risk to your loved ones.

A tree surgeon or arborist will take care of your trees for you

They’ll train your trees to grow in a specific direction.

There are some trees that an arborist can influence to grow in a specific direction while keeping the tree healthy. There can be different reasons why you would need this, such as if the tree is blocking sunlight or is extending to the neighbour’s property and causing problems.

They’ll get rid of unwanted trees.

You may also want tree services for tree removal of dead or unwanted trees on your property. These trees may be causing problems, are risky to keep, or just don’t add value to your home. This can be useful if you’d like to put your house on the market and want to raise its real estate price.

They’ll help control tree infestations.

Dead branches on your tree may be infested with fungi that can eventually kill the entire host tree. An arborist Sydney can regularly check on your trees to make sure you don’t have a serious infestation problem, and chop off any deadwood to control the spread.

They’ll shape your trees to complement your garden.

A tree surgeon knows you want to keep a nice-looking garden to reinforce the positive image of home, whether for yourself or for your neighbours and guests. And another great thing about hiring an arborist is that they’re gardening experts, too. They have the skills and tools needed to prune your hedges, shape bushes, and make your property look good enough to be on a postcard.

They’ll prevent your trees from growing too big.

An arborist’s tree services include lopping branches off of a tree to reduce its size so it doesn’t pose a hazard to people and the rest of the property. One of their tree services also includes a free consultation so you know what you’re dealing with without feeling obligated to hire them.

Tall Timbers Tree Services can help turn your dream garden into a reality

Our expert tree loppers in Sydney are ready to work on any property. Whether you own a restaurant, pub, hotel, or a modern home with a front yard, we can take care of your trees. If you have concerns about a specific tree in your garden or just want expert insight from an experienced tree surgeon, call us now on 0414 627 627.