Types of Tree Removal Services in Kellyville

types of tree services kellyville

Types Of Tree Services Kellyville

Among the many advantages of living in the suburbs such as Kellyville is having more space for your landscape and greeneries. Large trees can be planted in your yard to give shade, attract wildlife, and can increase your home’s overall value as well. However, having beautiful trees on your property will require regular attention and maintenance. Although stronger and more resilient than smaller plants and shrubs, they are still prone to plant diseases and natural decline. And, under harsh weather conditions and other unforeseen natural or man-made catastrophes, they can also get severely damaged. To continually reap the benefits of having a beautiful and healthy tree, it is important to hire an arborist Kellyville that provides comprehensive tree work. At Tall Timbers Tree Services, we provide a variety of affordable tree care and maintenance services. Below are the types of tree services Kellyville that we can offer.

Tree Trimming And Pruning

Regular tree trimming and pruning improve the appearance and overall health of trees. Well-planned tree pruning will help your tree continue to thrive. It will also prevent plant diseases from spreading to other parts of your tree and its surrounding plants. When done incorrectly, trimming or pruning could hurt your tree and cause irreversible damage. Professional arborists Kellyville can help you accomplish this task safely and successfully using the proper tools and expert techniques.

Tree Lopping

Much like pruning, tree lopping involves cutting down branches of your tree. Lopping, however, focuses more on creating a particular shape for your tree. It guides your tree to grow in a specific direction. By getting rid of unhealthy sections that no longer grow, tree lopping encourages new growth. This is a methodical type of tree work that must be handled by a certified tree surgeon.

Stump Removal

The best way to remove a hazardous stump from your property is through stump grinding. Grinding away stumps makes way for utilising or replanting of the area where your tree used to be. It also ensures your family will be safe from the dangers that come with having a stump. Experts will use top of the line equipment for effective stump grinding and will be able to remove even the most deeply rooted stumps. Furthermore, they can deal with the chips and debris after the work is done. They will either transport them away or use them as mulch for your other plants and trees.

Tree Removal

If you have a dead, damaged, or diseased tree, or if your healthy tree is growing dangerously close to any structure, you will need tree removal services. Your trusted tree care experts can help you determine if your tree is beyond saving and will use safe and effective methods to successfully take down your unwanted tree. They will cut down the branches and trunk of your tree and grind the stump to the ground, thus completely removing the tree from your property.

Tree Maintenance

From the moment a tree is being planted until it matures and begins to wither, it needs to be looked after. Many people think that trees can survive on their own and need little attention. However, trees planted on your property can become a hazard and it’s your responsibility to keep it healthy. Arborists can do a site visit to make a proper assessment of the tree’s overall health. They will prune or lop when necessary and prevent any fungal or pest infestations.


Never put your life at risk in doing tree works that are beyond your capabilities. Let the industry experts take care of it. For further details on the different types of tree services Kellyville has to offer, call Tall Timbers Tree Services on 0414 627 627.