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Why Hire an Arborist in Sydney for Deadwood Removal?

Some trees are self-pruning, which means they drop their own dead branches as time goes. More often than not, however, a tree has suffered too much damage to its health that it requires a little human intervention to grow better or, at the very least, minimise safety risks for people. This is where an arborist Sydney should come into the picture.

First of all, to understand why deadwood needs to be removed, let’s first discuss what it is.

What is deadwood?

The part of a plant or tree that has completely died and won’t recover is called deadwood. They usually appear as dry branches that break off easily and do not have leaves or needles growing from them.

They may also have parts that are missing bark or have branches that retain dry, dead leaves while the rest of the tree sheds its leaves with the changing season.

Why should deadwood be removed?

Dead trees or any dead part of a tree can be dangerous, and they tend to become even more dangerous as time passes.

As they decompose, the branches will start to fall off. If the entire tree is dead, however, there’s also a real risk of the whole tree falling over your home or yard. This is why these dead parts need to be trimmed.

Aside from safety concerns, there are other reasons why deadwood should be removed.

1. To preserve the health of the tree

Deadwood can be unsightly on your tree, but it also threatens its health. While some homeowners choose to wait for a thunderstorm to snap off the dead branches, this may end up exposing the heartwood of your tree.

Getting rid of dead branches also lets the healthy parts of your tree catch more sunlight, which helps it to regenerate and produce lush branches.

2. To make it look better

If you’re not so happy with how your tree looks, it may be because there’s plenty of dead branches affecting its aesthetic appeal.

Having them cut off can substantially improve the attractiveness of your tree, which in turn lets you enjoy a more beautiful yard.

3. To reduce unwanted pests

The dead parts of a tree can easily become a home for diseases and pests. While this is good news for the animals, it may become a nuisance for you.

If the tree is near your home, this may create even more problems. Termites, wood borers, carpenter ants, and even rats may eventually end up inside your house, making it a potential food source for the pests.

Hire an arborist Sydney to remove deadwood

Before you decide to cut the deadwood yourself, bear in mind that this can entail a lot of work. Not to mention that it can be risky, too. So ask yourself: is it work the risk?

It’s likely you’ll also need power tools, especially if you’re cutting down an entire dead tree. Instead of putting yourself (and others) in harm’s way, consider calling an arborist Sydney to help you get rid of the deadwood.

With a local certified arborist Sydney, you won’t have to worry about securing the necessary tools or figuring out where to start lopping your tree. Furthermore, the arborist can offer sound advice and insight into the best course of action on how to deal with other tree-related problems to further reduce risks and damages down the road.