tree defects and solutions

Tree Defects and Solutions

9 Most Common Tree Defects and Solutions

Trees, like any other living organism, can suffer from a myriad of diseases that affect their health. Because they play an integral part in improving a property’s curb appeal, not to mention keeping our air clean, it pays to check our trees for signs of damage, infestation, and illness. This guide will focus on the common tree defects and solutions you can use for the trees on your property.

Different Types of Tree Defects and Solutions

1. Fungal Disease

One of the most common tree problems is a fungal disease. Once a tree is infected, it can be challenging to control its spread. What’s worse, the disease can even contaminate other nearby trees. That’s not to say that you should remove the sick tree right away.

A certified arborist can provide professional tree lopping or removal services to prevent the spread of fungi. Proper pruning can go a long way to remove infected parts, so it’s best to let a professional do the work.

2. Uprooted and Leaning Tree

Poor root structure can eventually lead the tree to tip over. Even if the leaning was caused by the tree growing in the direction of available sunlight, this can still be dangerous since leaning trees are more prone to fall from strong winds.

To take care of a leaning or weak tree, consider tree bracing or pruning. If the tree is a hazard, calling emergency tree removal experts may be the best option to prevent injuries or property damages.

3. Holes and Cracks

Trees can develop cracks and hollow areas without necessarily indicating an underlying problem. However, if you’re concerned about a particularly large crack or hole in your tree, let an arborist examine the structure and search for weakened areas that may compromise its integrity.

4. Pest Infestation

Termites and other insects tend to attack exposed areas of a tree, such as torn branches and damages to the trunk. Similar to fungal diseases, however, the affected areas should be professionally treated or lopped by an arborist to improve the tree’s overall health and prevent the infestation from spreading.

5. Trunk Bulges

Bulges in the trunk area may be caused by decay or cracks. This condition isn’t necessarily harmful, but it’s good to have it checked by an arborist to eliminate pathogens that may be damaging your tree.

6. Thick and Heavy Canopy

A dense canopy can look great on a strong tree, but a weak tree is more susceptible to storms. With proper pruning, you can make the weight of the branches more manageable and improve your tree’s health.

7. Dead and Damaged Branches

Diseased and damaged branches in trees can be due to several problems such as disease, lack of sunlight to interior branches, or water stress (a lack of sap and water to the branch). Or it may just be a natural part of the tree’s life cycle. Eliminate dead wood by pruning your tree or hiring a certified arborist.

8. Frequent Shedding

There are certain types of trees that shed more than others. In some cases, however, the shedding is caused by too little or too much water, especially if you notice the leaves dropping prematurely. You can apply measures to control how much water your trees are getting. If your trees are still shedding more than usual, seek out professional help from a local arborist.

9. Stunted Growth

If your tree is lacking certain nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium, it will have trouble producing healthy leaves and a strong root system. This can result in stunted growth or a weak tree. It can be tricky to diagnose the problem yourself.

Other possible causes can be lack of sunlight, frequent rainfall, and the overall location of the tree. Check with a local certified arborist for expert insights on what is causing your tree from growing properly.

Certified Arborists Are Dedicated to Eliminating Common Tree Problems

Whether the problems with your tree are due to weather, pests, disease, or construction, these tree defects and solutions may be easily identified and applied with the help of a local arborist. If your trees are showing signs of trouble, don’t hesitate to call Tall Timbers Tree Services at 0414 627 627.