5 Reasons to Deadwood a Tree

5 Reasons to Deadwood a Tree

Top 5 Reasons To Deadwood A Tree

Deadwood is a branch or part of a tree that is are no longer useful or productive. They are caused by insufficient light, root damage, disease, or insect infestation. When you see deadwood on your tree, you should have it removed right away. They are health and safety hazards you wouldn’t want to be hanging over your property. Many trees drop their own unhealthy branches, especially the ones in the lower part of the tree that doesn’t receive adequate sunlight.

Dropping off dead branches is just a natural part of their growth process. However, they can fall at the most inopportune moment and could hit people and expensive property. To prevent accidents, it’s best to hire a professional who will remove dead and dying branches from your tree. This process of removing dead limbs from a tree is known as deadwooding. It is an important part of tree maintenance which helps in preserving the health and integrity of trees. Here, we will discuss the top 5 reasons to deadwood a tree.

# 1 It Prevents Serious Injuries

Dead branches are extremely dangerous. They can break and fall in the most unpredictable situations, harming anyone that happens to be below them. The last thing you would want is for your kid to get seriously injured by a dead tree branch while playing in your yard. It could also hit your unsuspecting joggers or passersby. This is one of the major reasons why deadwooding is extremely necessary. Deadwooding will prevent this from happening. Without deadwood hanging over your property, the risk of injury is reduced and you and your family can happily play and enjoy being underneath your healthy tree.

#2 It Prevents Property Damage

Besides hitting people below them, deadwood can also fall on expensive objects and properties. If your car is parked under a tree, its dead branches can suddenly drop and damage the exterior of your vehicle. Moreover, it can also break or damage nearby structures, outdoor furniture, fences, and even your neighbour’s property. Furthermore, if there are power lines below your tree, it could hit it and cause a lot of trouble for your home and even your entire neighbourhood. Deadwooding your tree before it can cause any damage will save you from spending on hefty repair costs or having to replace an irreparable property.

#3 Improves Tree Health

Another important reason for deadwooding is that it helps to improve tree health. Deadwood continually receives energy from a tree. Your tree will try to heal itself and get rid of its dead and damaged branches. Deadwooding saves your tree from doing the work and helps them focus on its healthy new growth. By removing dead branches, your tree also gets more sunlight and better air circulation, particularly at the branches below its canopy.

#4 Wards Off Plant Pests

Deadwood is a strong infection point for mould, fungus, and decay. Destructive insects also feed and make their homes in tree barks, trunks, and branches. They are highly attracted to damaged, dying, or dead trees. These pests can cause the tree’s wood and trunk to rot and attract more unwanted pests and diseases. Deadwooding discourages these organisms from taking shelter in your tree. As a result, damage to your tree can be controlled and diseases and pests cannot thrive and spread to other trees and plants on your property.

#5 Enhances Landscape Aesthetics

Dead branches hanging from your tree just doesn’t look attractive. It is an eyesore to your tree and your entire landscape. Additionally, deadwood prevents a tree from growing properly since it prevents sunlight and air from reaching certain areas. As a result, your tree may not grow evenly and its shape will look unattractive. By removing deadwood, your tree’s overall shape and balance are corrected and its beauty is restored. Consequently, your entire landscape’s aesthetics also improves.

Why Call A Professional?

Removing deadwood is important but such a taxing and dangerous task that should only be performed by a qualified tree surgeon. If done incorrectly, deadwooding can result in further problems and may even kill your tree.

At Tall Timbers Tree Services, we can guarantee a safe and effective deadwood removal process. We can also properly survey your entire tree to determine the cause of deadwood and help treat your tree problems when necessary. With our professional arborists, you can be sure that your trees will continue to grow to their full potential and the natural aesthetics of your landscape will be maintained.