How To Remove a Tree Stump

how to remove a tree stump

After getting rid of an unwanted tree, the next thing you need to deal with is the stump it has left behind. Although you no longer have to worry about a dangerous tree falling on your property, its stump can still cause problems when left in your yard. It could trip your young children, visitors, and other people passing through your compound. It could also attract dangerous insects and animals or encourage the tree to grow back, especially if you cut a healthy tree to clear the space.

Because tree stumps are never safe to keep around, you need to take them out as soon as possible. You can hire reliable tree services near you to make sure it’s done safely, quickly, and properly. However, if you want to take on DIY stump removal, here are the methods you can follow.

How To Remove A Tree Stump On Your Own

1. Do It Manually

The cheapest way to remove a tree stump on your own is by doing it manually. This is great if you have a lot of time in your hands and don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Start by clearing the area and loosening the soil around the stump. Then, dig until the roots start to show. Continue digging and use an axe to cut through the stump until you reach the taproots. Next, rock and shake the stump until you can finally pull it out. If there are stubborn roots that just won’t budge, dislodge them using a mattock or digging bar. When you’ve finally taken out the entire stump and its roots, dispose of them properly and fill the hole with soil.

2. Use A Tree Stump Grinder

If you are not willing to spend much time or exert much effort in stump removal, you can use a powerful stump removal tool called a tree stump grinder. Although it is not a common tool for homeowners and gardeners, there are shops that rent it out at affordable costs. By using a stump grinder, you can get the stump out of your yard quickly and without much effort. Just saw the stump as low as possible. Then, place the grinder wheel above the stump and start grinding. Just remember to move the grinder from side to side until most of it has been chipped away. In this method, you can expect wood chips to be flying about, so don’t forget to wear the necessary protective gear. When done, rake away the debris and cover the crater with soil or mulch.

3. Use Chemicals

Another way to perform a DIY stump removal is by using chemicals. You can find stump removal chemicals in your local home improvement or gardening store. This process will take longer, depending on the size and depth of the stump and its roots, but will take minimal effort.

Drill evenly spaced holes about 12 inches deep through the stump and 3-4 inches away from its edge. Next, drill holes at the side of the stump and connect them with the first holes. This will prevent the chemicals from leaking to the ground. Once you’re done making the holes, pour three to four ounces of tree stump removal chemicals into the holes. Add water to soak the chemicals. After a few days or weeks, you should notice your stump turning soft and spongy. By then, you can easily remove it with an axe and a shovel. As usual, fill the hole you created with soil.

4. Burn The Stump

Another cheap, fast, and easy way to remove a stump on your own is to burn it. However, this method might not be allowed in your area so make sure to check local regulations first. Also, inform your neighbours to prevent causing alarm before starting a visible fire on your property. Once you’ve determined that burning your stump won’t cause any problems in your neighbourhood, begin the work by digging around the stump until much of its roots have been exposed. Then, drill holes all over the top and around the base of our stump, as deep as the drill can go. Next, pour the stump remover powder to soften the wood and soak it with kerosene. Ignite it and control the flame by gradually adding fuel and firewood until the stump is completely burned away. Wait until the flame is completely extinguished before adding soil.

While trees are beneficial to any residential property, a leftover stump does not have any significant use. It can only bring dangers that will affect the health of your family and other plants in your yard. If you want to ensure safety on your property, remove your stump using any of the methods mentioned above. But, if you are not confident or strong enough to start a DIY stump removal, leave the job to our stump removal experts at Tall Timbers Tree Services. Our certified arborists know how to rot a tree stump fast and have the best tools to guarantee a safe and quick process. Moreover, we can offer other tree maintenance services for the trees you want to keep strong and healthy. For a free consultation and no-obligation quote, call Tall Timbers Tree Services today on 0414 627 627.