how to remove a tree stump

How To Remove a Tree Stump

DIY: How to Remove a Tree Stump

For anyone who has a yard, having a tree stump is unexpectedly a usual issue. They need to be removed to avoid other fungal root rots and suckering. Whether it’s big or small, there are other ways to deal with it. Right after you have tree felling, the next thing you want to deal with is how to remove a tree stump. Like with looking for tips in trimming trees, you can also find easy hacks about this. And that is what this article has for you.

Whether you believe it or not, aside from hiring professionals to get rid of the tree stump, we have helpful and easy ways to do it. In fact, it can be an eyesore to your yard and can possibly occupy some of the space. But not just only that, it can also cause hazards to you and your loved ones as well. So, getting an idea on how to remove a tree stump can be helpful for you. It may be hard to do but it is absolutely doable. So, without further ado, we have acquired some solutions that may suit for you.

4 Methods on How to Remove a Tree Stump

Method #1: How to remove a tree stump by hand.

Most people tend to do this method the wrong way. In fact, this procedure works perfectly fine for small tree stump, diseased or older ones, but of course, with the right tools as well. So, to make this a success, you may need: chainsaw or limbing saw, a shovel, pick mattock, an axe, a four-wheel-drive truck, a digging bar and some chain. Also, to make your work painless, follow these steps below:

1. First, use a limbing saw or chainsaw to eliminate any lower branches from the trunk.

2. Eliminate the upper part of the trunk, but leave enough to use leverage.

3. Pick a shovel, use a mattock and digging bar to reveal the roots around the stump.

4. Wash and rinse the dirt away to see more of the roots using a hose or power washer.

5. Then, cut the major roots with the use of an axe.

6. Try to push the trunk and if more roots reveal, cut them with an axe. Proceed with the pushing and pulling of the trunk until it is entirely uprooted.

7. If the trunk won’t budge after all your efforts, wrap the chain around the stump and attach it to a four-wheel-drive pickup truck.

8. Keep on pulling forward and reversing the truck until the trunk is uprooted.

Method #2: How to remove a stump using chemicals.

However, if the first method doesn’t suit your need and you’re still wondering how to remove a tree stump, then you can opt to use chemicals. You may find this more convenient than the first one. Prepare a chainsaw, potassium nitrate, a drill, axe and kerosene or fuel oil. Then, here’s what you should do:

1. Using a chainsaw, remove the stump as much as possible.

2. Around the perimeter of the stump, drill holes with 1 inch in diameter. Then, move inward with a distance of 3 or 4 inches from each hole and drill some more. The holes should be between 8-12 inches deep. Please note that its depth will depend on the size of the stump.

3. Drill new holes around the side of the stump. Make sure it meets with the other holes to create 45-degree angles.

4. Into each hole, pour an ample amount of potassium nitrate.

5. Then, fill them with water.

6. Wait until it becomes very spongy, possibly about four to six weeks.

7. Break up the spongy stump using an axe.

8. (Optional) Penetrate it with kerosene or fuel oil and let it sit for another week or so.

Method #3: How to remove a tree stump by burning.

Another option to totally eliminate the sight of the stump on your yard is by burning it. Why bother breaking your wallet when you can do it by yourself? Not only that, but you can also prevent yourself from getting injuries. Just follow these steps below:

1. Make a hole about 8-10 inches deep into the centre of the stump.

2. Clear the rubbish inside of the hole.

3.  Continue drilling the holes and leave about 1-inch each hole.

4.  Put potassium nitrate into each hole.

5. Then, pour hot water in it.

6. Pour more water into the holes until the potassium nitrate dissolves.

7. On top of it, place the scrap wood.

8. Wait for it to ignite after you light up the scrap wood.

9. Inflame it, let it burn and smoulder until it is completely gone.

10. Using the shovel, break up any large roots or pieces that was left by.

11. Fill the hole with enough soil to cover the gap.

Method #4: How to remove a tree stump by rotting.

This is almost the same with the process of burning but rotting it is also possible. Aside from the first three methods, you can also try these 5 steps:

1. Make a hole into it about 8-10 inches deep using a drill.

2. Stuff all the holes with a high-nitrogen substance.

3. Fill each hole with water.

4. Then, remove those pieces that gradually soften.

5. Put as much dirt in the hole.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to do one of these four methods we discussed above, consider that you have to give your time, effort and even money. And just so you know, you may have to buy or rent some of the tools you need for the job. But if you think it will be hard for you and you’re looking for the best way on how to remove a tree stump with ease, let the pros handle it.

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