Tree Care Tips

tree care tips

If you want to consistently enjoy the benefits of having beautiful trees on your property, you will need to make an effort. Periodic checks and careful attention are needed to keep a tree growing healthy and strong. Even established needs are not immune from dangers such as bad weather and tree diseases. Not only will a badly damaged or diseased tree suffer badly, but it can also affect its surroundings. If left unattended, a weak tree branch can easily break and fall on people, vehicles, utility lines, and other structures. To prevent the hazards brought by an unhealthy tree, follow the following tree care tips.

1. Pick The Right Trees For Your Yard.

Different trees have different needs. The healthy growth of a tree highly depends on the area where it is planted. To be able to give a tree a higher chance of survival, make sure its species can thrive in your yard. Then, find a good location where it can get enough sun and rainwater. Your space should also be big enough to accommodate its full-grown canopy. And, before you start planting, check for nearby structures and utility lines that your tree might hit as it grows.

2. Water Your Trees Properly.

Just like any other plant, trees need water to live. Newly planted trees will need about 4 to 10 gallons of water in their first growing season. However, they will need less watering as they continue to grow and mature. Full-grown trees could only need as little as one inch of water a week. Just be sure to gradually check them, especially if it hasn’t rained for several weeks.

3. Apply Mulch.

Applying mulch correctly helps insulate the tree’s roots. It can moderate temperature changes and keep the soil moist. Additionally, it prevents soil compaction during the wet season, reduces weed growth, and protects trees from lawn equipment damage. Furthermore, adding mulch makes your trees look well-manicured and aesthetically pleasing. To reap its many benefits, spread about 2 to 4 inches of mulch underneath your tree, and be careful not to cover the base of the trunk.

4. Prune Your Trees Regularly.

Trimming trees can help improve their health and appearance. With proper pruning, a tree can have structural integrity as it continues to mature. It also helps eliminates the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. This keeps your family and property safe, especially during a storm when a weak branch can easily hit your home. Additionally, pruning can make trees grow in the desired shape to make them look more attractive, which in turn improves your landscape’s appearance. Just remember to talk to an expert to know when to prune trees in your area.

5. Seek Professional Assistance.

Like all living things, trees can suffer from diseases. When this happens, regular tree care may not be enough to keep your tree from deteriorating. Book checkups with a professional arborist to make sure your trees get the right treatment. Having someone to regularly perform tree care services on your property also allows you to know the status of your trees. Remember that some infestations and diseases might not be so obvious to you. Tree care experts can help you before it’s too late. They can give you helpful tree care tips and provide various tree maintenance services to keep your healthy trees flourishing and at their best appearance. With an expert, you can be sure any type of tree work is done in the safest and most effective way.

Taking care of trees is really not that difficult if you have enough knowledge and time to spare. You can easily find information online on how to take care of old trees, as well as how to grow them from the moment they are planted. But, if you don’t know how to begin or just can’t handle putting in the time and work necessary for tree care, don’t hesitate to enlist a professional arborist to help you.

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