Tree Removal Service in Parramatta

tree removal service Parramatta

Important Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Tree Removal Service Parramatta

When you see your trees slowly withering away or becoming a hazard, your first instinct might be to have them removed right away. However, tree removal is a serious task you need to put a lot of thought into. Before calling for tree cutting services, you need to consider how removing your tree will affect you and the environment. You should also be sure that your tree is no longer useful and that the removal will not cause issues to your community. For better guidance, are some important things you need to know before hiring a tree removal service Parramatta.

1. Tree Removal Should Be Your Last Resort

Trees that have been around for many years have become a valuable part of the ecosystem and the aesthetics of your property. You should only remove a tree after you’ve exhausted all efforts to bring it back to life. Your tree may look dead to you. But, you never really know how severe the situation is until you’ve talked to a professional arborist and applied all treatments possible. By doing so, you won’t just save your tree and continue to enjoy its benefits for longer. You’ll also have arborists reports that support your reasons for removing your tree when you apply for a tree removal permit from your local council.

2. The Parramatta Regulations For Tree Removals

Knowing the liabilities you might face is a must when removing a mature tree from your property. There are tree protection laws you have to adhere to. So, before you think about calling a tree removal service Parramatta, familiarise yourself with the regulations that could affect Sydney residents. If your tree is over 5 metres high, growing on public land or within a heritage conservation area, or is part of the list of NSW heritage register trees, then you might not be allowed to remove it. Do thorough research on the subject or consult the council to find the right solution and avoid hefty charges.

3. Proper Stump Removal And Lumber Disposal

After a tree is cut, you’ll also have to deal with its stump and lumber. You need to be ready for this scenario by working with a tree care company that will also help you get rid of the remnants of your tree. Check if stump removal and lumber disposal is included in their cost estimates.

You may also want to use the remains of your tree for other purposes. You can use the lumber for constructing furniture or chop them as firewood. The stump, if not removed, can be turned into a pot stand or sculpture. And, wood chips may be used as mulch for your other trees and plants. Whatever you decide, best plan ahead so all the work can happen as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you might end up with more problems and hazards lurking around your home.

4. Removing Trees Outside Your Property

In some cases, trees outside your property may negatively affect you. Whether it’s your neighbour’s tree or a tree that sits on public land, you’ll want to know your options in keeping your home and family safe from danger. The best thing to do is to talk to the city council about securing a tree removal permit. However, if it’s your neighbour’s tree that’s causing you distress, it would be wiser to talk to them first. A permit from the city council may mean that you don’t need your neighbour’s permission, but it’s always better to avoid conflict by practicing a little courtesy.

5. Finding The Right Tree Removal Service Parramatta

Tree removal is a highly dangerous job that should only be performed by experienced professionals. You need to ensure safe execution to keep the people and assets on your property, and nearby properties, protected. You also want to make sure you won’t be responsible for any harm that could come to the experts working in your yard. A professional tree removal service may have higher rates, but they will be able to offer insurance and excellent results. Be wary of tree-cutting services that don’t have the right experience and credentials. Their work could lead to more issues than you started with.

If you want reliable and competent tree removal services, hire our experienced and certified arborists at Tall Timbers Tree Services. Our tree removal experts won’t just cut your tree upon request. They’ll also help you check it first to make sure you’re making a guided decision. Moreover, we can offer immediate solutions such as emergency tree removal to ensure continuous safety around your home. Furthermore, we can help you keep your healthy trees in their best condition and consistently pleasing to the eye. To learn about our tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and other tree care services, get in touch with Tall Timbers Tree Services by calling us on 0414 627 627.