Effective Tree Pruning

Effective Tree Pruning

Safe and Effective Tree Pruning

An effective tree pruning is one alternative to tree lopping. Especially when working with a living tree. Tree lopping may cause potential issues to a tree’s health when administered improperly. An expert Arborist should know when tree pruning service should be implemented instead of lopping. Lopping can take out 50% and even bigger percentage of leaf population on a tree. Which lead to less food supply to the tree. This is because leaves are the food factories of the tree. This temporary starvation may cause certain tree health issues and tree diseases.

The severity of size reduction to a tree causes a sort of survival mechanism. Latent buds awaken and will force rapid growth of numerous shoots below each cut. These shoots are weakly attached, but the tree needs to replace the leaves that have been removed as soon as possible.

effective tree pruning

Reasons to Prune

Landscape Enhancement

Pruning can cause changes to the tree’s physiology. Removing dead parts and branches or limbs that are growing faster than others you are enhancing the tree’s overall image. Pruning apple trees can give them that ideal green dome and branches heavy with rosy red fruit.

Vista pruning is a special type of pruning. Its purpose is to enhance the view of a valley, a lake, a mountain, and any natural beauty. This involves removing the branches that blocks the view of these natural bounties.

To Cure Illness

Trees are just like humans, they get diseases. You can stop the spread of tree diseases and even prevent them, eventually healing the tree.


Expert pruning eliminates safety hazards like low growing limbs and branches, and growth forms susceptible to storm damage on sidewalks or driveways. It also maintains strength on the tree structure.

Stimulate Bountiful Harvest

Any fruit-bearing tree can enjoy the advantages of pruning. Eliminating infected branches gives better condition to the tree’s overall health. Thus, it stimulates better fruit production.

A skilled Arborist should be knowledgeable about the Australian Standard 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. Tree pruning should have a specific purpose. Appropriate pruning procedures periodically implemented is beneficial to the overall life of the tree. It stimulates healthy growth. Thus, making certain safety and valuable asset to your property.

Therefore, when you decide to have the tree pruned, have it assessed by an excellent arborist, to evaluate the density of pruning to be administered.

Tree Pruning Service Hornsby

With 20 years of tree management experience, you can rest assured that we will lessen the potential disadvantages of trimming your trees. We provide professional tree services and we provide Safe and Effective Tree Pruning Service Hornsby. We guarantee customer satisfaction and we will listen to your special request and provide appropriate advice.

When do you need Tree Pruning Service Hornsby?

Branches that are dead and disease infected should be removed instantly. If delayed, then the best time to do it is in winter or early spring when the tree begins to open its buds. Or on a season when it is not extremely hot or cold.

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