How DIY Tree Removal Can Be Fatal


You can find numerous tutorials for endless procedures on YouTube or the internet, in general, these days. If you’re looking to cook some good food or trying to do your nails at home, a tutorial can be a wonderful option. But when it comes to a tree removal procedure, DIY tree removal is a big no-no. Removing a tree comes with the possibility of multiple dangers and fatalities. No one else other than experts should attempt uprooting or removing a tree. 

Tall Timber Tree Services is home to highly skilled and experienced arborists who promise a hassle-free experience for their customers. As one of the most famous companies that carry out tree removal in Sydney, their staff uses state of the art equipment which is reliable and guarantees efficient procedures that are performed with utmost safety.

These are a few unnecessary events that can be avoided by opting for expert tree surgeons in Sydney:

  • Personal Injury Or Death

    Major injuries and death are two of the most frightful things that can happen during a DIY tree removal. Even with years of training and experience, complete tree removals can be acutely dangerous. There are several causes that can result in major injuries and dire conditions, can even lead to death. So, it’s better to cross that off of your list. 

  • Trees, Debris, And Branches Falling

    People without adequate training and knowledge can end up hurting themselves in different ways while performing tree removals. When a branch or a tree falls, an inexperienced person is not going to be able to gauge the landing spot of the tree. Sometimes branches and debris can fall unexpectedly too, especially if the tree is old and has lost most of its nutrients, rendering it weak and more prone to such events. 

  • Lack Of Suitable Equipment 

    When trying to remove a tree, you will need to reach a certain height to perform a few tasks. When doing a DIY tree removal, people tend to use ladders or simply climb the tree. These methods are way too hazardous as falls can be triggered easily without adequate equipment and safety harness. If you’re attempting this without safety glasses, earmuffs, harness, etc, you are putting your life at stake. Sometimes branches are lighter than they appear and can fall down easily with a possibility of injuring someone on the ground.

  • Electrocution

    If the tree that you’re attempting to remove is located near power lines, you are bound to get entangled and electrocuted. Coming in contact with these power lines while you’re climbing a tree is very possible and dangerous to your health. You can take a great fall after being electrocuted, doubling your injuries. 

  • Council Fine

    Every council has different rules and regulations. You need approval for cutting down a tree, even if it is on private property. Failure to obtain approval for tree removal can lead to a hefty fine. Your tree surgeon in Sydney will have adequate knowledge of this. 

  • Damage To Property

    Tree removals can also damage your property and vehicles. When you do not know where a severed part of the whole body is going to land, it can crash on your vehicle. This will not be covered under insurance and burn a hole in your pocket. If in the process any power lines are harmed, it can cause a power cut in the entire neighbourhood. 

At Tall Tree Timber Services you can take advantage of our professional arborists/tree surgeons at a very affordable price. We provide services for complete tree removals and also for any emergency tree removal in Sydney. Tall Tree Timber is a certified and skilled practitioner in the art and science of maintaining trees.