Hiring An Unqualified Tree Surgeon Can Be More Expensive

While choosing an arborist or tree surgeon in Sydney who charges a low price to complete the task may seem like a good option, there are hidden risks that you might have to deal with in future. 

Before evaluating their work and selecting them, you must check if they are certified and accredited. This is because tree pruning in Sydney not only requires experience but also complete knowledge and skills to complete the task safely.

If you are considering hiring an emergency tree removal service in Sydney, continue reading. Here are a few reasons why you should never hire an unqualified tree surgeon or arborist.

They Might Harm Property

A tree professional should be consulted for tree pruning or removal as the duties carry a lot of hazards, and only they are capable of completing them correctly and safely. Any structure on your property could be damaged if a chainsaw or axe is used carelessly by an inexperienced operator. Unlicensed arborists might lack the knowledge and experience necessary to determine and anticipate the tree’s fall direction. As a result, the tree can drop and hit surrounding structures. 

Additionally, these activities demand the use of strong and hazardous equipment, which only experts can handle. To prevent damage, it is wise to cooperate with knowledgeable tree services.

The Damages May Not Be Covered by Your Homeowner’s Insurance

To trim and remove trees safely and efficiently, certified tree care companies employ specialised equipment. Even the best businesses are prone to accidents, and your homeowner’s insurance coverage might not cover the losses. Hence, you should only hire a fully-insured tree service. You can also find out what is covered by your homeowner’s insurance by speaking with your representative.

You Might Be Charged with Damages and Injury

An unlicensed arborist is more likely to have an accident while executing the task due to a lack of in-depth understanding of tree pruning, cutting, and removal. You might be held responsible for the harm suffered if they don’t have insurance. Professionals that take care of trees have insurance covering tree trimming and removal, shielding you from pointless legal battles.

More Tree Work Can Be Required

A qualified and experienced professional will almost certainly accomplish work of a much higher calibre than an untrained tree surgeon. Untrained tree surgeons may leave trees in unstable conditions or cause damage that necessitates more labour to repair. Using unqualified tree surgeons may necessitate paying for additional tree surgery from experienced specialists to repair any damage or potential concerns.

You Might Have To Pay Fine

When it comes to tree-cutting, trimming, and pruning services, local councils have varying regulations. If you choose an unqualified tree surgeon, they’ll probably be unaware of the standard procedures before beginning the work, which could result in you paying a sizable fine if something goes wrong.

How to Identify an Unqualified Tree Surgeon or Aborsists?

It is best to question them if they are a licensed tree service provider rather than assuming. To prevent being held responsible for any onsite accidents or damages to the trees, property, or occupants, always look into their qualifications. It’s useful to know that a respectable tree care business, like Tall Timbers Tree Services, won’t have any issue assuring you of their expertise. Before starting the job, we can provide you with information on their insurance and licence.

Hire Tall Timbers Tree Services

If you are looking for Sydney tree lopping, cutting or trimming services, contact Tall Timbers Tree Services today. We are not only insured and certified but also have the needed expertise and experience to complete the job safely.