Tips For Removing Tree Limbs

tips for removing tree limbs

Tips For Removing Tree Limbs

One of the many ways to properly take care of your trees is to regularly trim their limbs or branches. Leaving them untrimmed may put your family and property in harm’s way since old tree limbs eventually fall. While removing limbs may not seem like a difficult task, extreme caution should still be taken. If performed the wrong way, your trees can end up damaged and become a hazard to their surroundings. Here are some tips for removing tree limbs safely and effectively.

1. Inspect Your Tree

Before you cut away the branches of your tree, conduct a thorough inspection to identify which limbs need to be removed. Watch out for broken limbs, peeling barks, dead wood, and other obvious signs of damages. A careful inspection could also lead you to find branches that are growing dangerously close to structures and utility lines that may get damaged by your tree. Regular inspections will help ensure you remove hazardous limbs that could break and negatively affect its surroundings.

2. Prepare Your Area and Equipment

Make a plan and gather everything you will need to ensure to finish the task safely. Clear the area around your tree and remove all obstructions. Be sure you have the appropriate safety gear to protect yourself from any injuries. Then, gather the tools and equipment you will use. Find the best tool for cutting limbs and make sure they are clean and sharp. Keep them within reach for easy access while you remove tree limbs. This will save time and ensures continuity while you work.

3. Make Three Cuts into Your Tree Limbs

How to cut tree limbs? Removing tree limbs will require three cuts. First, you will need to cut a small notch approximately three feet away from the tree trunk, a fourth of the way through. This will prevent the bark from splitting when you make the second cut. Next, remove the first half of the branch. Cut just beyond the notch you first created. It will reduce the weight of the limb. Finally, cut outside the branch collar at a 45 to 60-degree angle to the branch bark ridge. Be sure to keep the branch collar intact to help prevent decay from entering the trunk. Use a handsaw to have better control.

4. Don’t Leave the Branches Too Long

Their branch collar heals a tree’s limb. While cutting through your branch collar is not advisable, not cutting enough of the limb is also a bad idea. This is because the tree will find it hard to form scar tissue around the area that has been cut. Just like cutting the limbs too short, this could result in tree infection and diseases.

5. Remove Tree Limbs In Winter

You should always consider the season when cutting tree limbs. It’s highly recommended to remove them during the winter when pests and bacteria are less likely to attack your tree. If you cut limbs in the summer, your trees will attract pests and can get infected. As a result, their cuts will not heal properly and will even get worse.

 6. Give Your Tree Time To Heal

Trees can naturally heal themselves. It may take some time, but it is best to wait it out. Avoid using tree paint for dressing limb wounds. Their ads might sound convincing, but the product could potentially do more harm than good. Let the tree limb cuts dry and recovers on their own.

7. Hire A Professional Arborist

Though cutting lower branches off trees might be easily done, removing higher tree limbs can be a tedious task. It takes time, patience, and energy. You also need to have the basic knowledge and necessary tools to complete the job. If you find cutting tree limbs to be too demanding, you can always seek a professional arborist to help you. They can expertly check your tree, determine which limbs need to be removed, and perform the service in a swift, professional, and safe manner. Moreover, they can deal with the mess that will be left in your yard. You won’t have to lift a finger to make sure your trees are kept healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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