Tree Trunk Grinder

When Is the Best Time to Cut  a Tree Trunk and Use  a Tree Trunk Grinder?

When a tree has fallen in its place or is removed or cut down. Naturally, the stumps remain. And this tree stump still has the roots that is stuck in the ground. If you cut down a tree and do not remove the stumps, this means that only half of the job is done. For cutting a tree trunk is not enough at all. The stumps always need to be taken care of as well. Hence, what you actually need is a tree trunk grinder that can totally get rid of these stumps. Getting rid of these stumps can be good for your garden’s aesthetics and enhance your landscaping. And can prevent as well the rest of your garden from mould and fungi contamination.

Another thing is, when will you know that it’s the best time to cut a tree trunk? Knowing when is the best time to cut a tree trunk certainly frees you from any hazards, damages and or liabilities. And more importantly, knowing how to maintain the trees on your property can give you the peace of mind.

This article keeps you on track with the best time to cut a tree trunk and how this insight can be very beneficial for you. You will also be led into the basics of tree trunk grinder processes and its best benefit in your tree stumps grinding project, plans or undertaking.

The Best Time to Cut a Tree Trunk is…

During Dormancy

It is best to cut a tree during a dormant or winter season. Basically, this time of the year, pruning or cutting a tree is good for their health. Even when cutting is done, trees that are dormant is not compromised in this season. And is not affected by bugs and bacteria or any type of diseases. Most especially with the kind of trees such as the Evergreen and deciduous.

When Trees are Dead

A tree with diseased branches or trunk can pose a big problem. Thus, rather than wait for this tree to fall on someone’s property or cause damage or fatalities, better cut them at once and follow the right procedure for the tree trunk grinder. As mentioned, this dead tree, aside from giving you problems, will also be the cause of the problems of your other trees or plant in your garden. Thus, why the need to delay? You can hire tall timber tree services right away to do the professional tree cutting services for you. Never leave your tree cutting job to the inexperienced and not properly equipped with the needed standard equipment and expertise.

4 Tree Trunk Grinder Processes

1.      Find a Trunk Grinder

You can look for a tree trunk grinder that can best grind stumps. There are types of grinders that are small yet very mobile and are easy to operate. Usually, this type can just easily move around your garden and are generally easy to manoeuvre and work with. Another type is the moderate-sized tree trunk grinder. These grinders usually have a heavy-duty wheel and have the handles for pushing and pulling yet are adjustable for your height. Hence, it is also easy to use with easy control from either side movements. And they have very sharp blades that has the cutting capacity for both above and below ground level. Now, if you’re not sure of what type of grinder to choose, better to talk with professional arborists. Generally, they are the one who can tell you the right equipment to use that gives the best result.


2.      Start Grinding with the Right Grinding Position

Turn your trunk grinder on only after you have followed the right positioning instruction. Always keep the safety and taking of the safety precautions your first priority. As to the one who will do the stump grinding, proper and safety gears is always a must.  When the stump grinder is on, be sure that the operator is away from the base or the blades. And the area is clear from other tools, toys, or even rocks and sticks that might disrupt the blades and cause the damage for the machine. All that said, to abide by the right and proper safety instructions and precautions are always beneficial and advantageous for the good of everyone involved in the stump grinding process.

3.      Remove the Ground Up Woods

Shovel out the grindings after the grinding process. Naturally, the ground will just repair itself very quickly after you shovel out or remove the grindings. You can just put in these ground up woods to your compost pile or dispose it the way you want.

4.      Replace the Grindings

After completely removing a tree trunk and grindings, fill the hole with loam or sawdust. Of course, it would be ugly to just leave the hole. If the hole is located in your lawn, you can fill it with grasses or soil. Or, can just simply add some good soil so you can plant some flowers or vegetables.

It is always satisfying when you have cut down a tree in a safe and proper way. And no one is being hurt nor has any damage to properties or any liabilities to face. Especially when you have also followed the right standard of not doing the job yourself. All because you know that this can certainly pose a problem or even can endanger your own life. Or, that of the arborists who are not professional and has no proper training to do the job well. Overall, the above advantages are actually enormous and are all for your best benefit. So, now that you know the best time to cut a tree and the process in using a tree trunk grinder, there’re no more reasons to delay and postpone.

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