Essential Tools Of A Qualified Arborist in Sydney


When living with trees around your property, you must make sure they get the right care and maintenance they need. In doing so, you can keep them healthy and appealing. You will also be able to prevent them from being a hazard to people, structures, and assets nearby. This can be accomplished by regularly assessing the condition of your trees and executing the right tree maintenance procedures. Hiring a gardener or taking on a DIY may be your first instinct to save money. However, to prevent destruction to your property or injuries to people on-site, you will need the expertise of a professional arborist. Unfortunately, finding the right people to provide genuine service can be difficult nowadays. Though the industry is still filled with good tradesmen, some dishonest tree workers will give you substandard services that are not worth your money.

One good way to separate the good tree care workers from the bad ones is by noticing the tools they are using. Although there are other things you should also check, this is a great way to start. By being familiar with the typical items in an arborist’s tool kit, you get a whiff of their legitimacy and the quality of service they can provide. It might seem a little unusual but professional tree care experts will proudly show the tools of their trade. Below are the 4 essential tools of a qualified arborist Sydney.

1. Chainsaw

The most important tools that arborists require for pruning, cutting, and removing trees is a chainsaw. So, when your tree service arrives on your property, you should expect to see chainsaws with them. More than that, check if they are clean, oiled, and sharpened. A qualified arborist knows that a dirty and rusty chainsaw will do more damage than good.

2. Pruning Shears Or Clippers

Another essential item in a qualified arborist’s bag is pruning shears or clippers. They might have varied sizes with them so they can appropriately match the size of your tree’s branches. Just like their chainsaw, their clippers will be clean, sharp, and oiled. Pruning tools that are not properly maintained can cause the spread of tree diseases so professionals will be tough in making sure they’re clean and disease-free.

3. Safety Gear

Tree work involves a lot of safety risks. Good tree surgeons understand this and will approach the job as safely as possible. Aside from making sure nothing and no one on your property will be harmed, they’ll also don the right gear to protect themselves. The standard safety gear qualified arborists should have include helmets or hard hats, gloves, chainsaw chaps, boots, and safety glasses. They will try to cover as much of their skin as possible to avoid suffering any injuries in case something goes awry.

4. Climbing Equipment

Much of tree work includes reaching high and heavy branches. Without the right climbing equipment, the job cannot properly be completed. Beyond that, arborists could fall and hurt themselves. This is why another essential tool for qualified arborists is a set of climbing equipment. This includes climbing ropes, flip lines, carabiners, lanyards, friction hitches, and spikes. If you see that your tree service carries all these items, you can be sure they are fully equipped to climb up your tree and give it the proper procedure it needs.

Aside from the above-mentioned equipment, there are other items that professional arborists will carry with them. It will all depend on the type of tree work they are performing and the risks involved to complete the job. However, these 4 tools are the things they’re most likely to constantly have. So, if you want to find a qualified arborist Sydney, be sure they have these basic tools. Experience and expertise may be hard to confirm before hiring any tree specialist to work on your trees. But, by checking their tools, you can evaluate how safe and efficient they will be on the job.

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