Myths About Trees And Tree Care

There are many myths about trees and tree care. In this article, we will dispel these myths and provide accurate information about caring for trees. Knowing how to look after trees appropriately can help you foster a sustainable environment for all of us to live in, as well as teach you environmentally conscious ways of thinking and practices, that are pivotal to keeping our world safe today.

Below are some of the most common myths about trees and tree care:

Tree Roots Extend Deep Below The Ground

Near the base of the tree is usually a large root that acts as the supporting system for the tree. This large root tapers into smaller roots, which are concentrated in the first few inches deep in the soil. Some roots may run a few feet down but not more than that.

For Value Of Money, Buy The Tallest And Bushiest Tree

If you’re wanting your tree to last for a long time, we suggest that you do not choose the tallest tree. This is because taller trees are actually weaker than their smaller counterparts and are more likely to break. The health of the tree is more important than its appearance, so choose a smaller tree that will be healthier and live longer. The tree trunk, root and branch system structure is pivotal to ensure that the tree lives for a longer time. Hence the tree’s aesthetic does not indicate anything about its health.. Trees that appear larger tend to start breaking quickly and more frequently.

Trees Should Be Planted Only With Strong Stakes

Some plant specimens may require a strong stake to help hold them in place and to grow upright, but if a tree is strong enough to grow upwards on its own, then it should be left alone. Unnecessary or faulty staking can amplify problems that did not exist in the first place. If you’re dealing with a weak specimen and harsh weather, a strong stake must be used.

Filling Cavities In Trees With Concrete Can Help Them Heal

Filling cavities of a tree with concrete does not heal it. Infact, it fastens the process of decay. However, if you are to find any cavities in a tree, just leave it be. There is no need to interfere.

Trees Can Heal If You Make Pruning Cuts Close To The Trunk Or The Parent Limb

To properly care for a tree, you need to know how it grows and what injuries can be sustained. Trees don’t actually heal and replace lost tissue – they just recover from injuries. Make sure to not cut or penetrate the tree, and instead retain the ‘branch collar’.

Hardware Is Hazardous

If you observe that a branch, trunk or tree is looking weak, use hardware to secure the structure of the tree. For example, brace and cable can be installed in the tree, provided that timely inspections are performed.

Annual Spraying Of Garden Will Control Insects And Diseases

An annual spray of ordinary garden materials or chemicals will not get rid of threats, such as insects and diseases. To properly maintain your garden, you must invest consistent effort, so that your backyard space is free of pests and diseases.

When it comes to looking after your backyard, especially surrounding trees, make sure that you follow our tried and tested methods, to keep your backyard in the best shape. If you ever find yourself in need of any tree services in Sydney, please feel free to reach out to us at Tall Timber Tree Services. From large hedge pruning to tree lopping and tree cutting services in Sydney, we are only a call away.  For more suggestions or resources on looking after different plant specimens, visit our website at to find out more about our gardening services and equipment, or contact us at 0414 627 627 for a free quote on stump removal.