Tree Lopping Service Hornsby

Tree Lopping Service Hornsby

The Tree Lopping Service Hornsby

The beauty of trees aside from its essential purposes, is its history. Trees were always there in every part of our lives. Trees are part of almost all aspects of our lives. Sometimes we just don’t notice them at all. But they are there. This is one reason why we really should take care of them. Most of us would just hire regular labourers in taking care of tree management works such as tree lopping service Hornsby, tree cutting, tree felling, tree pruning and etc.  But effective tree management requires professional tree service. There are many ways to manage a tree or trees. But before taking any action, one must consider the overall status of the tree itself.

Dead Trees

You maybe are wondering how to deal with a dead tree in your yard. It has grown so much and you shared so much memories with it. But then, dead trees have long lost its vitality already. You must consider the potential hazard that the tree possesses. Dead branches may fall to properties and structures and will cause so much damage. And it also attracts decaying organism like pests, rats and termites. Which can eventually find their way to your home. Hence, even if the tree may have been a sentimental monument of your memories at some point. You really need to have it cut.

Cutting a dead tree poses many potential hazards

You can’t just cut the tree right on. It is rather safe to apply Tree Lopping Service Hornsby first. If you have dead apple tree right next to your house, better consider tree lopping service first before jumping to tree felling or tree cutting. An inexperienced tree surgeon may find so many issues during the tree cutting process.  Especially on trees that are close to commercial or private properties. Or those that are next to a sidewalk and etc.

As mentioned above a dead tree is weak. So, when you cut it, there is no way to tell that the dead branches will not fell off randomly and cause damage. Hence, you may imagine the whole process like playing Jenga Tower. The least clever tactic will be taking blocks from the near bottom, unless you are the kind of opponent that likes to take risks. But when you put safety as a priority, that is least advisable.Tree Lopping Service Hornsby

Tree Lopping Service Hornsby will cut the branches, limbs, or other protrusion of the main body. With the help of powerful machines and experience on the work, we will ensure that the whole process will be safe and efficient. Tree Pruning Service can also be applied if necessary.

Living Trees

Cutting branches of a living tree has the potential to change its growth. It will affect the tree physiology and future growth. Less leaves means less photosynthesis and may reduce growth. Although sometimes, it may seem that cutting off branches gives new vigour to its growth, but that is certainly not what the case is. Remember that there is less of the tree now that you cut it, meaning lesser branches for the leaves to grow.

It is important when you provide tree lopping or tree pruning services that you are well aware of the tree’s biology.

Here are a few cases where tree lopping is advisable on a living tree:

  1. Dead branches pose almost similar dangers just like a dead tree. It can be inhabited by many decaying organism and pest like rats and termites. Furthermore, dead branches may cause a spread on possible contagious disease to a tree.
  2. Tree Lopping Service Hornsby is also appropriate for eliminating crossing branches. These branches may rub against each other and will cause damage to the tree’s health.
  3. Co-dominant leading branches is also a possible threat to the tree. If the tree has 2, It is better to take one out to allow the other to become the dominant branch.

So if you have that one tree you need to take care of, contact Tall Timbers Tree Services and we will help you out.